Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive?

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

Ever wonder why CDG converse is so expensive? CDG (Comme Des Garcons) is a fashion company founded by a Japanese designer called Kawakubo and has been collaborating with converse and other fashion companies for some years.

 Why is CDG so expensive? CDG converse is expensive because converse has stopped producing new pairs and they are now been sold by collectors which have driven the price up as they are now very rare and collectible, and they are made with better materials, have better cushioning, and are more durable.

But there is more to CDG converse price than those three reasons. If you continue reading, I will highlight eleven reasons why CDG converse is so expensive. So, stay tuned!

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive?

Here are the reasons why CDG Converse is so expensive:

  1. Thicker sole
  2. Premium upper materials
  3. Meme heart logo
  4. More comfortable
  5. More durable
  6. Double stitching
  7. Thicker lining at the heel
  8. Better cushioning
  9. Better shoelace quality
  10. Holds shape better even after use for many years
  11. Looks premium

CDG Converse is a popular sneaker brand that has been around for many years. They are known for their classic designs and high-quality construction. These converse sneakers have been around for a long time, so you might be wondering why they are so expensive and why you should buy them.

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

Some of the most coveted shoes in the world are the Converse brand. When you combine that with the CDG fashion quality, you know that the collaboration of Converse and CDG is going to be for quality only.

CDG Converse’s iconic look and signature style have made them a favorite of the fashion world. These shoes are so popular that they are often referred to as “hipsters’ shoes”. Their popularity has also led to a rise in demand on the market.

It does not help that they can also be one of the most expensive shoes out there. The price tag may be high, but the shoes are worth it.

Here is full explanation of why CDG converse is very expensive:

1. Thicker Sole

When it comes to buying shoes, you can never go wrong with the CDG converse. They are a staple in every wardrobe and they have been around for decades. The CDG Converse has a thicker and more durable sole, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular types of shoes in the world.

The CDG Converse is a shoe that is perfect for any kind of outfit and it will never go out of style. The better and thicker sole will provide you with more comfort while wearing this shoe. And the durability it delivers is so amazing.

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

2. Premium Upper Materials

When you buy a converse, one of the qualities you expect is more durable materials. CDG converse ticks all the boxes in this regard. The upper material is premium, thicker and starchy. When you combine the thick material with starch, you get an upright shoe that will not lose shape in many years to come.

The upper material is so thick that it does not lose shape with heavy use for a long period of time. You can walk around without getting tired while wearing CDG shoes as they are very lightweight and give good support!

The upper part of CDG shoes is made from materials that make them breathable, shock-absorbent and ideal for people who have problems with sweaty feet from wearing other shoes on hot days!

3. Heart Logo With Meme Eyes

Who does not like that heart logo with meme eyes looking at you like a popular comedian? That logo alone gives the CDG converse a more classic look that makes it attractive when you step out in it. 

The CDG Heart Logo is perfect for people who want to stand out from the crowd and show their love for memes. The heart shape is simple but effective, and the eyes are just icing on the cake. When you wear this sneaker, you can be sure that everyone will know what you are going for!

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

4. More Comfortable

When it comes to sneakers, comfortability is everything. CDG Converse is more comfortable to wear because it is designed with better materials. 

But why is comfort so important? Because if you are not comfortable in your shoes, then the only thing that matters is whether or not they look good. And if you are not comfortable in your shoes, then they probably will not look good—and they might actually make you sick.

But now there is a solution!

CDG Converse is more comfortable to wear because it is designed with better materials. From its thick soles to the better cushioning, this shoe makes life more comfortable for you when you put it on. You will feel like your feet are floating on air as you walk along the streets of New York City or Rome in this new pair of kicks!

5. More Durable 

When a shoe is expensive, you expect it to be more durable. That is exactly what CDG is delivering. If you are looking for a pair of kicks that will last, then look no further. This CDG converse kick is built to last, and it is going to give you the durability you are looking for.

The upper materials are better than ever before, while the sole is thicker than ever before. This means that your kicks will last longer than ever before, and they will be able to take on any terrain or weather condition that comes their way.

If you want a pair of shoes that will give you the durability you need, then this CDG kick is for you!

6. Double Stitching

Do you wonder why double stitching is a form factor? This is a quality factor that you should consider when buying a pair of shoes. Double stitching provides your shoe with better durability as when starts one stitch starts to loosen up, the second stitch will still be holding the shoe firmly in place.

Double stitching will allow your shoes to last longer as it helps prevent the stitching from fraying or wearing down. It also ensures that the shoe remains sturdy and in place even when you are running or walking around for long periods of time.

7. Thicker Lining At The Heel

When it comes to the heel of your sneaker, you want to make sure that it is as comfortable and supportive as possible. The thicker lining at the heel or back of the sneaker is thick and helps hold the shape of the shoe.

Since the shoe upper material is made with thicker material, it becomes necessary to use a thick lining at the back of the heel to keep the shape of the shoe always.

The thinner lining may not be able to withstand pressure from your foot and may deform the shoe after some use. Therefore, we recommend choosing CDG Converse with a thicker lining in this area so that you can have a more comfortable experience while wearing it.

8. Better Cushioning

When it comes to a sneaker’s comfort, cushioning is one of the qualities to check. With better cushioning at the insole, you are sure of a healthy foot. The cushioning that this sneaker offer is so amazing that even if you have been wearing it all day long, your feet will still feel comfortable and relaxed.

The best part about these sneakers is that they are made from high-quality materials which means they will last longer than other sneakers. This means you can wear them more often and enjoy the benefits of having such a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet.

If there is one thing I can say about these kicks, it is that they are definitely worth every penny spent on them!

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

9. Better Shoelace

If you have shoelaces that come with your Converse, then you know how frustrating it can be to have to change them all the time. The shoelaces that come with CDG converse are much thicker and more durable than those of other converse sneakers.

The shoelace is made using premium materials and will last for years, even if you wear your shoes always. With these shoelaces, you are sure to have peace of mind.

10. Holds Shape Better Even After Use For Many Years

CDG converse is so amazing. Unlike most converse shoes, the shoe still holds its shape even after being used for many years. Since it is thick all around, it always remains in its normal shape even after heavy use.

The converse is a legendary shoe that has been around for decades. Its thick rubber sole, trademark checkerboard pattern, and iconic Chuck Taylor shape have made it one of the most recognizable shoe brands in the world.

But how can you be sure that your Converse shoes will hold up to heavy use? Are they going to fall apart after a few months? What if you wear them every day for years?

Fortunately, there is no need to worry! CDG converse shoes are designed to withstand years of wear and tear. You can wear them daily or even while doing sports activities like running, basketball or biking.

The converse shoe is made from high-quality materials such as canvas and rubber that ensure that it will keep its shape even after heavy use for many years.

11. Looks Premium

If you love to step out in premium shoes that keep people glaring at you as you walk, CDG converse is definitely the right kick. Every single material used on this sneaker is amazing and premium.

This shoe is made with upper materials that look premium and feels like it is going to last forever. The lining is made of a soft, breathable fabric that provides great comfort while also keeping your feet dry and cool.

The sole of this shoe has an incredible grip so your feet do not slip or slide during any activity or task. The rubber bottom helps give it extra traction when walking on slippery surfaces such as ice or snow.

These shoes are so comfortable that you will not even notice them on your feet after wearing them for hours at a time!

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

Are CDG Converse Still Cool

Yes CDG Converse is still very cool and stylish. They’re comfortable, durable, and stylish. The only problem is that they’re not made anymore and the after-market CDG converse sneakers are extremely expensive.

The reason why most people like CDG Converse so much is that they’re very comfortable. They don’t hurt the feet at all even when you wear them all day long at work or while playing sports or running around the house. Also, they look good on the feet and make you look taller too!

However, there are some downsides to them such as they’re not waterproof so you’ll have to take care of your shoes well when it rains or snows outside. Another downside is that although they last a long time, sometimes you have to replace them when they start to wear out after a few years (usually after about 5-7 years).

CDG Converse vs Normal Converse

Cdg converse is a brand of shoes that were created by Converse for basketballers, these shoes were designed with flat soles and rubber toes that made them very flexible; making them ideal for basketball players who needed something that would help them move around without much hassle on their feet while playing in games or practices

Normal converse was made popular by skateboarders and is cheaper than CDG converse which is made to be more expensive and comfortable for basketballers, Cdg converse was launched with a lot of focus on the comfort and style of their products as well as customer satisfaction.

Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive
Why Are CDG Converse So Expensive

Why Are CDG Converse Hated?

Some people do hate CDG converse, not because of the quality of the shoes, but the culture around them. Since the kick has huge traditionalist followers, some people who are not traditionalists tend to hate the shoe for that.

Also, since the shoe is premium, the people who wear it tend to show off the brand logo.

However, there is nothing wrong with wearing a pair of CDG, but some people see it as a fashion statement and not as a shoe that can be worn on any occasion.

Are CDG Converse Still Cool?

Yes, CDG Converse is still cool and remains one of the best converse shoes you can ever own.

CDG Converse has always been one of the best-made shoes in the world. The high-quality materials and the comfort they give are unmatched by any other shoe on the market today.

There is no doubt that these shoes will last you many years to come as long as you take care of them properly.


Are Converse CDG Comfortable?

Converse CDG is one of the most comfortable shoes you can ever wear. It is not just that the comfort is better —it is that feels like you are walking on clouds. The cushioning system of CDG converse is amazing and you want to try the shoe if you do not already own one.

What does CDG Converse stand for?

CDG stands for Comme Des Garcons. So, CDG converse is a result of the collaboration between CDG and converse.

Do CDG Converse run big or small?

CDG converse is true to size. So, it is important that you buy the right size when you are buying your CDG Converse.


Now you know why CDG converse is so expensive. If you are looking for an answer to the question, “why are CDG converse so expensive,” the answers are not far-fetched. CDG converse is better than other converse sneakers by far.

They are more durable and offer better cushioning, better shoelaces and better upper materials. If you are looking to get a quality sneaker for yourself, CDG converse ticks all the boxes. With CDG converse, you can step out in style!

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