Vans Ward Vs Old Skool [Which Should You Buy]

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Vans Ward vs Old Skool? Vans has been making footwear for over 50 years. They have come a long way since then, and now offer a wide variety of styles that will fit any foot type. Vans offers two classic shoes that are worn by a lot of celebrities.

The Vans Ward is a classic style boot that is still popular today while The Vans Old Skool is a retro style that was made famous by skateboarders in 1977. Both shoes are popular and in fact, popular musician, Justin Bieber wears them.

So, which of the Van Ward and Van Old Skool should you buy? Read on.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool [Differences]

Vans Ward and Old Skool have a lot in common and they only have a few differences, which are enough for you to make an informed decision when choosing the right one for your need. First, let us talk about the similarities between the two amazing shoes.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool – Similarities

Here are some of the similarities between Vans Ward and Old Skool

  • Both have the classic van silhouette
  • Vans on the wall tag at the back of each shoe
  • Both have stitching
  • Offer slip-resistant outsole
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Difference Between Vans Ward Vs Vans Old Skool 

Van WardVan Old Skool
Has advanced tag on the tongueDoes not have
Has stitching above the jazz stripeHas the stitching on the jazz stripe
No stitching below jazz stripeHas stitching below jazz stripe
Wide gap stitch on the ankleNarrow stitch on the ankle
Less cushioning around the ankleExtra cushioning around the ankle
Durable More durable
Black insoleCream-colored insole
Darker brown outsoleLight brown or tan outsole
Thinner cushioning ankle supportThicker ankle support
Stitching that goes into the toe boxStitching that goes behind the low bar

If you are looking for a pair of casual sneakers that will not break the bank, check out the Vans Ward and Vans Old Skool. These two pairs of shoes are perfect for everyday wear.

You will find that the Vans Old Skool is more versatile than the Vans Ward because it comes in so many colors and patterns. Both Vans Ward and Old Skool offer a slip-resistant outsole that helps prevent slips and falls.

The Vans Old Skools are more durable than the Vans Ward because they are made with better quality materials since they are originally made for board skating. This means that they are less likely to tear up when you run into things.

Vans Ward Vs Van Old Skool Shoe Features

Both the Vans Ward and the Vans Old Skool offer a comfortable fit and excellent traction. They are made with premium materials and feature a slip-resistant outsole. However, there are some key differences between these two pairs of shoes. Let us take a closer look at each one.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Pros And Cons Of Vans Old Skool

Comfortable Gets dirty quickly
Extra ankle support
Classic style
True to size

Pros And Cons Of Van Ward

ComfortableThe insole is not thick enough
StylishThin ankle support
True To size

Vans Ward vs Vans Old Skool Sizing

The Vans Ward comes in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 17.5 while the Vans Old Skool comes in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 18.5. Whichever size you wear, you will find both Vans Ward and Vans Old Skool comfortable.

Vans Ward vs Van Old Skool Price

Both the Vans Ward and the Vans Old Skoal come at the same price – $70 on the official website. However, the price range is different on Amazon. Vans Ward costs $34.88 – $199.99$199.99 while Vans Old Skool costs $48.00 – $129.00$129.00.

But you get better features with Old Skool than with Vans Ward because Old Skool seems to last longer than Vans Ward. But whichever you choose should be based on your need and the style you like.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Vans Ward vs Old Skool Features Comparison Chart

Van WardVan Old Skool
Enhanced cushioningCushioning 
Classic gum rubber gripClassic gum rubber grip
Ultimate boarfeel, flex, and gripPerfect flex and grip
Sturdy suede or canvas upperDurable suede or canvas upper
Original waffle outsolesOriginal waffle outsole
Excellent feet supportExcellent feet support
Good ankle supportBetter ankle support

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool Colors

The Vans Ward comes in 42 colorways including black/white, white/black, and red/white. It has a classic silhouette with a rounded toe box and a thick sole unit. The Vans Ward is available in 74 sizes. The Vans Ward also has no removable insole.

The Vans Old Skool comes in 39 colorways including black/red, black/blue, black/green, blue/yellow, and green/orange. It has a more retro style with a square toe box and a thinner sole unit. The Vans Old Skool is available in 74 sizes.

The Vans Old Skool does not have a removable insole. The Vans Old skool also has a unique design on its heel tab.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Vans Ward Vs Old School – Which Should You Buy?

Vans are a classic shoe that has been around for decades. They have been worn by everyone from hippies to skateboarders and hipsters.

While Vans has always been a popular shoe, it is not until recent years that they have become a must-have footwear option for everyone. With their designs and fashion sense, Vans is now seen as the go-to casual shoe for men and women.

There are a lot of debates on which one is better to buy, Vans Ward or Old Skool. Some people think that Vans is a better shoe because it has more cushioning. The other side of the debate believes that Old Skool shoes are more durable and last longer.

The Old School Vans are a classic and a highly popular choice among skateboarders. They are mostly made of canvas and suede, which gives them a nice feel. The Vans Ward is an updated version of the old skool Vans and is made of canvas, and other synthetic materials.

The Old School Vans are known for their durability and they are still in demand even after years because they have been around for so long. They also provide more protection on the ankle than the new versions do because they have better ankle support.

I will recommend Old Skool if you are looking for something durable, comfier, and with better support.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool


Are Vans Ward The Same As Old Skool?

The question is whether Vans are the same as Old Skool. The answer is no, there are some differences between Vans Ward and Old Skool. Of course, they are not the same.

The Vans Old Skool has been around for a long time and is a classic shoe. The shoes had their first big breakthrough when the company launched the Old Skool sneakers in 1977.

The Old Skool sneakers were originally intended for skateboarding, but they quickly became popular with the hip-hop culture.

Vans Ward is the latest release of the two and is now one of the most iconic shoes in fashion, and it is known for its low-top sneakers, which have become synonymous with youth culture.

What Is A Vans Ward Shoe?

The classic Vans shoe style with a low top lace-up, Vans signature side stripe, and round toe. The padded collar is extra comfortable and flexible and the sole of the shoe is cushioned to add extra comfort.

The Vans Ward shoe was created by the company named Vans to provide people with shoes that are comfortable, durable, and stylish at the same time.

The Vans Ward shoe is a shoe that is made out of high-quality material. It is durable and has a unique design.

Vans Ward Vs Old Skool
Vans Ward Vs Old Skool

Are Vans Ward Good For Skating?

The answer is yes! Vans Ward is great for skateboarding because they offer the same support and protection that Vans Old Skool offers, but in a more lightweight design. The fabric of the shoe is breathable, making it perfect for summertime skating sessions and outdoor skate parks.

Skating is a sport that involves a lot of motion, so it is important to choose the right shoes. If you are looking for a shoe that will help you skate with ease, then you should consider buying Vans Ward.

Vans Ward shoes are not just perfect for skating, but also for running, basketball, and other sports. They are made of high-quality materials and have cushioning in all the right places.

Vans are the go-to shoes for skateboarding. They provide a lot of support and protection for the foot, which is great for skating.

Which Of Vans Ward And Old Skool Is Easier To Break In?

It is not easy to break in a new pair of shoes. You have to wear them for a while before you know how they feel and if they are comfortable. The same goes for vans ward or Old skool – it takes time to find out which one will work better for you.

I recommend the Old skool because its durability makes it easier to break in and the softness of the suede or canvas makes it more comfortable than vans ward. You can break in any of the two by wearing them around the house or using a shoe stretcher to break in them.

Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain

Old skool vans are a classic and well-recognized design. They are the most comfortable and easiest to maintain compared to the other van types.

Are vans Ward comfortable?

Vans Ward is a fashion brand that makes shoes for men and women. They are known for their unique designs and high-quality materials. Ward is very comfortable, Whichever vans shoe you buy, you are definitely going to love the comfortability.

Which Vans Shoes Are Most Durable?

If you are looking for a serious pair of skating shoes that can handle anything, the Vans Pro styles are the ones for you. Of course, all Vans shoes are pretty tough, but the Vans Pro models are designed with extra support and protection. 

They feature a rubber toe cap, thick ankle padding, and a high-density suede and mesh upper. The soles are built with extra stiffness and durability, and the Vans Pro wraps your feet in arch support and stability.

The Pro models are made of a special rubber bottom with a high density to provide extra durability and support. You can skate longer with Pro models because they are designed to absorb shock and support your feet.

The Pro models also have rubber toe caps and ankle padding to protect you from injury.

What Style Of Vans Is The Best?

Van Pro Model is the most durable but in terms of style, Old Skool remains the best. The detailed design of Old Skool makes it the best style. Some of the other Van’s shoes with the best style include:

Do Vans Last Longer Than Converse?

Do Vans last longer than Converse? While it is true that Converse shoes are often more affordable, it is not the best in terms of durability. If you are going to buy a pair of shoes that last, you should consider the Vans.

Vans have been around for decades. They were originally designed for skateboarders, but they were also designed to be durable enough for skaters. Vans are usually a little more expensive than Converse, but they will last longer.

That is because Vans were designed with skaters in mind. They are designed to be durable enough to withstand being stepped on. Vans are also designed to be comfortable enough for a variety of foot sizes.

The shoes are also designed with quality in mind. They are made of high-quality materials that are meant to last. Vans are also designed to be fashionable, so they will not go out of style as quickly.


Vans Ward vs Old Skool? While Vans make these two shoes, they offer a few differences but are remarkably similar in many aspects as well. They are both great for skating and provide support for both your heels and ankles.

If you are looking to choose the best one between Vans Ward and Old Skool, you can choose Old Skool because it is more durable and provides better cushioning and support for your ankle. Old Skool can also withstand more tough use than Ward. The design is even better and you will definitely love it.

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