Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots [ Which Work Boot Should You Buy ]

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

When it comes to working boots, there are a lot of options to choose from. There are a lot of boots out there that look the same and have the same features, but the truth is that there are a lot of boots out there that are better than their counterparts.

Truman boots and Redwing boots are two great boots that are excellent for the job site. Both boots are made of high-quality materials and provide superior protection. However, which boot is best for you?

In this blog post, I will compare two similar American boots popular for working individuals. These boots are the Truman Cognac Rambler work boot and the Redwing Iron Ranger work boot. These boots resemble each other, hence the comparison.

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Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman boots are a famous American brand of handmade work boots for people who want a good quality, affordable work boot option. Redwing is a premium American boot brand known for its excellent craftsmanship and durability.

Truman boots are tough, handmade work boots for people who want the best bang for their buck without breaking the bank. They offer a bit expensive option with excellent quality and durability. They are made in the USA and are guaranteed to last for years.

Redwing boots are known for their excellent craftsmanship and durability. They offer an extraordinary value proposition while still being affordable. The shoes will last many years if you take care of them properly.

The Redwing boot is known for its durable leather and quality construction. The boots are not overly priced, so they offer great value to those who want a dependable boot that will not break the bank.

So, let us get down to the comparison between these two boot brands. But before I start, it is essential to mention that Redwing produces a lot of boots, so it is only fair to compare the Redwing boot that is similar to what Truman also makes. Hence, the Truman Cognac Rambler work boot vs. the Redwing Iron Ranger.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Which Boot Is Easier To Break In?

The Redwing boot is more accessible to break in than the Truman boot. While both shoes have a reasonably short break-in period, the Redwing boot is easier to break in. The Redwing boot is supple and soft, making it easier to break in.

Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain?

Both Truman and Redwing boots are easy to maintain because both boots need less care and little maintenance. The shoes are strictly made for work, so the leather and sole are designed to take a lot of abuse without having any problems.

Which Boot is Better for Different Activities?

While the Truman and Redwing boots are mainly designed for work, the Redwing is more versatile and can be used for other occasions, such as hiking and other outdoor activities. Its sole is designed to be dressy, so you can also pair certain outfits with it.

Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots Features

Truman Boots Features

  • Made in the USA”
  • Thick, vegetable oil-tanned rough waxed leather
  • 270 stitch down Goodyear welt construction
  • Commando sole
  • Leather lining
  • Wide and thick counter
  • Leather midsole and insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Steel shank

Redwing Boots feature

  • Made in the USA”
  • Thick oil-tanned roughout leather
  • 270 stitch down Goodyear welt construction
  • Vibram mini lug sole
  • Cork midsole
  • Leather insole
  • Super wide steel shank
  • Rubber outsole
  • Leather lining
  • Chain stitching around the movement areas
  • Extra layer around the cap toe
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots Shape

Truman’s Boots Shape

Truman boots are a type of boot that has a round toe. The boot is designed with thick roughout wax leather, and the toe area is in a double layer for maximum protection. The boot has lace and neat double stitching on the leather upper.

The Truman boot is equipped with 270 degrees to stitch down Goodyear welt and has a command sole. It has a leather midsole, insole, and Vibram rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on all surfaces.

They come in different colors, like black and brown. The boot is sturdy, and the counter is thick and wide. The boot comes with a steel shank and has excellent construction.

The roughout leather is thick and has wax that will keep out water. The lining is leather, and it will conform to your feet.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Redwing Boots Shape

Redwing boots come with different toe caps, but the Iron Ranger has a double leather round toe cap. The double leather means maximum protection. The boot is a 270-degree stitch-down welt constructed.

The boot spots chain stitching. The boot is crafted with thick oil-tanned leather and a Vibram mini-lug outsole with excellent traction. It also comes with a cork midsole that breaks into the shape of your foot. The insole is made of leather, while the lining comes in leather.

The shank is steel and super wide, providing you with more durability and protection. The counter is made of compressed carbon. This boot’s leather is rough, and you do not need to care too much for it. The traction on the outsole is excellent and sure to protect you from slipping off your feet.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Fit Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots Fit

Truman boots are true to size as they are available in whole and half sizes. The boot is true to size on a Brannock. Since most of the shoes are handmade, you can easily send your size to them by filling out the form for sizing, and they will make a perfect fit.

Redwing boots fit

Redwing boots fit true to size. They come in whole sizes, but they are roomy and may be uncomfortable, especially for those with narrow feet. You should size down by half in these boots. For example, if you wear 10.5 in sneakers, you should order 9 in Redwing boots.

If your foot is narrow, you can size down by 1 since the boot is roomy.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots Review

Truman Boots Review

Truman is an American. The boots are made of thick vegetable-tanned leather that has been waxed twice to create a natural finish. The waxed leather is treated with a proprietary tanning process that creates an incredibly durable and long-lasting product.

The boot brand has been around for some years. It is known for its comfortable and durable boots.

Truman work boots are made from quality materials and are designed to last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. They have a lacing system with a reinforced heel for extra durability and a soft footbed with cushioned leather insoles to provide comfort all day long.

The Truman work boot is one of the most popular handmade boots on the market because it offers excellent support, comfort, and durability at an affordable price.

Look no further than the Truman boot for a durable, long-lasting shoe that will hold up in the most challenging conditions. Its 270-degree stitch-down Goodyear welt construction makes it one of the most durable boots on the market.

The 270-degree stitch down Goodyear welt construction means you can reheel the boot without removing the whole sole.

It has an iconic Commando sole, perfect for rugged terrain and outdoor adventures. The boots are also waterproof and can be worn all year round.

This excellent work boot is made of leather, rubber sole, and a comfortable insole. The Truman boot has many colors and styles that are perfect for the fall season.

The Truman boot is perfect for the winter season. This textured and cozy boot, made of rough leather, has a comprehensive and thick counter. The boot comes with a leather midsole and insole for maximum comfort.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman’s Boots Pros And Cons

Thick roughout wax leather.Expensive
Vibram outsoleWax may wear away.
  Sole with excellent traction.Not versatile
270-degree stitch-down welt constructionThe counter is too broad.
Steel shankHeavy
Waxy finish
Leather midsole and insole
Exclusive colors
Leather care is easy.
Super tough soles
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Redwing Boots Review

Red Wing boots are one of the most iconic American brands. They have been making shoes for many years and are known for their quality and durability.

Redwing boots are some of the most durable and comfortable on the market, thanks to their tough oil-tanned leather. They have an extra layer around the cap toe for excellent protection.

These boots feature 270-degree Goodyear welt construction, a stitch-down construction that typically means you can reheel them without removing the entire sole, so they last much longer.

These boots’ outsoles are made out of Vibram’s mini lug and are an excellent option for those who enjoy hiking or spending time outdoors.

Redwing boots have been known for their history of providing quality and comfort to the world of outdoor enthusiasts. They provide fashion, function, and durability all in one. Redwing boots are made with materials that are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

One of the best features of the Redwing boots is their insole. They are made with soft, supple leather on the insoles, which is ideal for comfort and warmth.

Redwing boots have super wide steel shanks. This means they are made from the best materials and will last a long time. They are also waterproof and have convenient features for easy on-off access. Redwing boots are made with a genuine leather lining that is durable and comfortable.

Redwing boots are made not only in America but also with American leather. They use the finest materials to produce high-quality boots that withstand heavy wear and tear. The shoes have chain stitching around the movement areas for better durability.

Redwing boots are famous for their high quality, comfort, and durability. They are handcrafted of genuine leather and have a patented oil-tanned leather known for its strength and durability. This ensures that each pair of Redwings is designed to last many years.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Redwing Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Thick oil-tanned rough leather.Expensive
Vibram outsoleBreak in time
Super wide steel shank
Leather insole and midsole
270-degree stitch-down welt construction
Chain stitching around the movement areas
An extra layer around the toe cap
Cork midsole
Leather lining
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots Comparison Chart

Truman bootsRedwing Boots
FitTrue to size.True to size.
UtilityWork Work
GripExcellent grip and traction.Superior grip and traction.
ShankSteel shankWide steel shank
LeatherThick roughout wax leather.Thick oil-tanned rough leather.
soleVibram outsole Vibram outsole
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots Price Comparison

Truman BootsPriceRedwing BootsPrice
Cognac Rambler$460Iron Ranger$350
Black Teacore Upland Moc Toe.$520Traction Tred$279
Cognac Shrunken Bison Upland Boot.$510Exos Lite$269
Coach Rambler$460Supersole 2.0 FD$345
Java Waxed Flesh$480Traction Tred Lite$250

The Best Truman Boots Vs. Redwing Boots

The Best Truman Boots

1. Cognac Rambler ($460)

The Cognac Rambler boot is made from thick Rambler waxed roughout leather and is designed for work. This waxed leather boot features the natural texture of the flesh side of the hide. The boot has a natural color. The wax makes the boot waterproof and can be rewaxed if the polish fades away.

The boot is also equipped with a Commando sole, which offers excellent traction when you need to walk on any terrain. The boot features a 270-degree stitch-down welt construction. This welt construction makes the boot last longer and allows you to reheel the boot without changing the sole.

This boot has a thick counter and a leather insole that will conform to your foot. It is lined with soft leather that will also work for your feet. The boot is made in the USA, so you are guaranteed durability and comfort.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

2. Black Teacore Upland Moc Toe ($520)

The Black Teacore Upland Moc Toe boot is a work boot designed for work and is also versatile. If you are looking for the best boot for work and play, this boot is one of the best you can ever own. The boot is made from a combination of durable tanned leather and nylon.

The leather is durable, comfortable, and smooth. The veg-tan leather is surface-treated with aniline dye and tumbled for soft and supple leather. The sole of the boot is made from a                                                                                                                                                            Vibram rubber outsole and is equipped with excellent traction needed to avoid slippage.

The boot is Goodyear 270 flat welt constructed and has brown upper double stitching. The toe is structured to provide your feet with optimal comfort when you are walking. It also comes with a pull-on tag that you can use to quickly put on or off the boot.

3. Cognac Shrunken Bison Upland Boot ($510)

Available in different sizes, the Cognac Shrunken Bison Upland boot is crafted from Cognac Shrunken Bison leather that is incredibly durable and comfortable. This leather is not only durable but beautiful, which is everything you ever want in a boot.

The boot is equipped with a Commando sole and comes with a leather insole that will conform to your feet. The boot is Goodyear 270 flat welted for excellent durability, and you can easily reheel the sole without removing the whole sole.

The Vibram rubber outsole of this boot is equipped with an excellent tread for great traction. The boot is double stitched and has 5 eyelets with 4-speed hooks and a top eyelet. The boot has a pull-on to pull the boot on or off. You can ask for a custom-made for this boot.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

4. Coach Rambler ($460)

The Coach Rambler is a boot made in the USA with top-quality materials from the USA. It is available in different sizes and is a custom-made boot so you can customize it further. Its Rambler leather features the natural textures of the hide.

This leather is finished with wax, giving it its natural aesthetic that features a rugged texture and depth of color. The cap toe is comfortable because it has enough room for our toes to remain comfortable all day. This boot also features a Vibram outsole for fantastic traction.

The Commando style sole of this boot combines a Vibram rubber sole and a leather midsole welted together with 270 Goodyear welt construction for maximum comfort and durability. You can easily reheel the boot without removing the entire sole. You will love the comfort and durability this boot offers.

The Best Redwing Boots

1. Iron Ranger ($350)

The Iron Ranger is one of the best boots from Redwing. It is made in the USA and is made for work and play. It is versatile but the best for work or outdoor activities. This oil-tanned leather boot has the long-lasting construction everyone needs in a work boot.

The boot is equipped with a toe cap with a double layer for maximum protection of your toes. It has a leather sole and midsole, and the outsole is made of Vibram rubber that will last for years while also providing you with fantastic traction.

This 4-eyelet boot has three-speed hooks that you need to lace up your boot quickly without any hassle. The boot features a 270-degree stitch-down Goodyear welt construction, which means you can easily change the heel without condemning the whole sole. The footbed makes it highly comfortable and easy to wear all day.

2. Exos Lite ($270)

Known as the king of all terrains, the Exos Lite is a Redwing boot designed to be lightweight, durable, and protective. This work boot is a safety boot that features a BOA lacing system. It is crafted with an aluminum toe that meets ASTM safety standards.

This waterproof boot is premium leather and features an Extreme Lite puncture-resistant outsole. It is rated for electric hazards, and its lightweight cement construction makes it durable and comfortable. The boot is a modern low-profile boot crafted for on and off the job.

Whether you work in construction, warehousing, service environments, distribution or are always involved in outdoor activities, this boot is perfect for you. The boot is excellently cushioned for comfort, and you can wear it all day without feeling a thing.

3. Traction Tred Lite ($249.99)

Living up to its name, Traction Tred Lite conquers all terrains. This non-metallic toe boot is the lightweight version of the classic work boot. It has a flat bottom and is a lace-to-toe boot with 4-eyelet and two-speed hooks for easy lacing. 

The leather upper is made from comfortable premium leather. The flat bottom of the boot provides more stability and fantastic comfort. It has excellent traction and grip. This boot is versatile and can be used for different purposes.

It is waterproof and crafted with non-metallic safety toe protection alongside an electrical hazard rating feature. The boot is the best in class when it comes to slip resistance. It is well cushioned. For comfort and is very stable. The suede leather collar on the boot offers extra cushioning to protect your ankle.

Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots
Truman Boots vs. Redwing Boots

4. Supersole 2.0 ($344.99)

The Supersole 2.0 is a CSA-approved heavy-duty steel toe boot made in the USA to keep you comfortable and safe in all demanding environments. You are optimally protected with its soft insole that is well-cushioned to provide comfort and the puncture-resistant outsole.

This boot is also chemical resistant, protective and durable. Its full grain leather and GORE-TEX waterproof lining keep your feet fresh and dry all day. It is also rated for electrical hazards, which means you are optimally protected from the toe to the heel whenever you wear this boot.

This boot is excellent for harsh work environments, including oil and gas, railroads, manufacturing, and construction. The boot is also versatile; you can wear it for hiking in the mountains or any other outdoor activity. Just put it on and focus on doing what you love to do, knowing that your feet are optimally protected.


Are Truman’s Boots Worth The Money?

Absolutely yes. While it seems expensive at above $400, it is worth the money because you will surely get a lot of years of use out of it. It can take all sorts of abuse without tearing up or wearing out.

The Commando sole is also equipped with 270-degree Goodyear welt construction, allowing you to reheel it without condemning the whole sole. The leather is top-notch, and the boot is handmade in the USA.

Are Redwing Boots Worth the Money?

Yes, Redwing boots are worth the price. If you are looking for the best work boot at a reasonably affordable rate, Redwing is your go-to. The shoes are sturdy, well-built and feature everything. You can ever want in a work boot. They are durable, comfortable, and have fewer breaks in between. It is also versatile.

Who Owns Truman’s Boots?

Vince Romano is the owner of Truman boots. He started the boot company in 2014. He was fascinated by the heritage that runs in the American workforce after traveling around the world for five years. He created the company to deliver comfortable and quality boots for the use of the American force.

What Is the Best Boot Brand?

There are many boot brands out there, which makes it difficult to determine the best boot for you, but if you are looking for the best boots that are comfortable, versatile, and functional, here are some of them:

  • Dr. Martens boots
  • Red Wing boots
  • Ariat
  • Tony Lama
  • Timberland boots
  • Helm boots
  • Danner boots
  • Blundstone boots
  • Wolverine boots
  • Caterpillar

Are Truman Boots True To Size?

While Truman boot sizing can sometimes be a bit complicated, the boots are labeled true to size. The good thing is that it uses the standard fitting scale, and since the boot is handmade, you can send them your size, and they will make an excellent boot based on your specs.

What Is The Best Around Boot?

If you are looking for the best all-around boot, there are many brands of boots to choose from. Here are a few of them:

  • Blundstone Classic Chelsea Boots
  • Thursday Boots Diplomatic Toe Leather Boots
  • Timberland 6-inch waterproof boots
  • Redwing Iron Rangers
  • Truman Cognac Rambler


If you are trying to compare Truman boots to Redwing boots, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider before you choose one of these high-quality American boots. While both shoes are crafted in the USA and made of excellent leather and soles, they have a few differences.

While Truman boots are amazing handmade boots that will last for many years, they are more expensive than Redwing boots, which offer the same quality and add versatility. Yes, Truman boots are great and are more affordable than some boots out there, but Red Wing boots are excellent, less expensive, and more versatile.

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