Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots [ Best Cowboys Boots For You ]

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

The major difference between Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots is their style and comfort. If you prioritize style over comfort, then Tecovas would be the best for you. If you prioritize comfort over style, Rujo boots would be your preferred choice.

Rujo boots vs. Tecovas boots? For work and other occasions, boots are especially useful! However, choosing the right boot is not easy especially if you are not sure of what you are looking for in a boot. The first thing to consider is the purpose of the boots but let us explore the topic more.

Rujo boots and Tecovas boots are two popular boots for work and other occasions. They are both very stylish and comfortable. Rujo boots offer more comfort and Tecovas boots offer more style. Which boot is better for you depends on your personal preference. But continue reading to know the best.

In this article, I will compare the Rujo boots vs. Tecovas boots. I will be comparing the boots by covering the following topics:

  • Differences between the boots
  • The price
  • The features
  • The quality
  • And more
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo and Tecovas are two leading brands in cowboy/western boots in the market. They are both made in the USA. And both tick the boxes when it comes to everything a boot should have.

But what is the difference between these two brands?

Rujo boots are made with a unique design philosophy that has been shaped by the founder’s experiences in the industry.

The company believes in creating footwear that is functional, affordable and comfortable. They also believe that every person should have access to quality, affordable footwear that can be customized to suit their needs.

Tecovas Boots was founded on the idea of providing top-quality, durable footwear for everyone. Their designs are created to provide comfort and durability to everyone in need of work boots. Their goal is to provide great shoes at an even greater price. 

The Tecovas Boots brand is dedicated to providing shoes at a cost that is affordable though now a bit expensive. Their quality standards are high, while still coming out on top in price compared to some other boot companies.

The company creates its shoes using only the best materials and following ethical business practices.

Now, let us compare Rujo boots vs. Tecovas boots on all sides, starting with the features.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots Features

Rujo Boot Features

Rujo boots are a new style of boots made with high-quality materials that provide protection from the elements and can be worn in any type of weather. They feature a unique design and are meant to look good with any outfit or color.

The Rujo Boot Features are:

  • 100% Premium hides and skins
  • Handcrafted with the best bootmaking techniques and materials
  • Goodyear welt construction 
  • Shock-absorbing polyurethane insole
  • Rubber heel cup
  • Hidden seams on the inside
  • Replaceable cowhide leather outsole
  • Hand-hammered brass nails
  • Hand-hammered lemonwood pegs
  • Replaceable leather stacked heels
  • Calfskin leather lining

Tecovas Boots Features

Tecovas Boot features a variety of different materials and designs, which is why it is a popular choice for fashion brands, as well as outdoor and work.

Here are Tecovas boot’s features:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Vibram oil and slip-resistant soles.
  • Goodyear Welt construction
  • Seams and leather are treated to be weatherproof.
  • Lining: leather
  • Shock-absorbing polyurethane insole
  • Hidden seams on the inside
  • Replaceable leather stacked heels.
  • Replaceable leather outsole
  • Lemon pegs

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots Shape

Rujo Boots Shape

Rujo boots mainly come in roper, square toe and round pointed toe. These boots come in different materials such as Caiman belly, Caravan calfskin, Caiman tail, Hornback, mad dog leather, full-quill ostrich, Rock ranch calfskin, Teju lizard and Sentry suede.

The logo of Rujo boots is stamped on the sole for proper identification. The leather is soft and feels luxurious. The boots are lined with soft and slick leather to provide you with comfort and make your feet conform to the boots easily.

The lemonwood peg heel is excellently stacked and you can hardly see the joints of the stacked pegs. It means the pegs are neatly stacked, delivering a slicker look. The outer heel is also supported with a rubber heel cap that makes the boot even more durable. The shaft is made with soft leather that makes it extremely comfortable.

The insole is cushioned for comfort with a thin layer of padding that is made even more comfortable with Rujo’s unique cloud walk technology. The counter is a little stiff but comfortable. The toe box is narrow, so you may want to size up by half for a more comfortable Rujo boot.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Tecovas Boots Shape

Tecovas boots come in a comfortable round-toe box and square-toe box. These boots come in horseman, wedge, roper, cowboy, square toe, zip and Chelsea shapes. With Tecovas round toe box, you have more room for your toes to feel comfortable and wiggle.

The boots are built with different kinds of premium leather designs including smooth, shark, bison, suede, ostrich, gator and lizard leather material. Tecovas boots designs are amazing and anyone will love the look and feel of the boots.

The counter is soft, providing your feet with optimal comfort. The leather material is also soft, making the boots easier to break into. The logo of Tecovas is stamped on the outsole of the boots for easy and proper identification of the brand.

The boot is equipped with a lemonwood peg heel. The pegs are nicely stacked but, unlike the Rujos boot pegs, where you can hardly see the joints, the joints of the pegs are shown in the Tecovas boots. The boot heel is capped with a rubber heel cap that makes the heel more durable.

The boots are lined with soft and fantastic leather for comfort and to eliminate moisture. The shaft of Tecovas boots is wide and less tight through the throat of the boot. The boots are cushioned with a thin layer of padding under the insole to make the boots comfortable on you all day.

The leather upper is soft and the toe box is wide, providing your toes ample space to remain comfortable.

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots Fit

Rujo Boots Fit

Rujo boots are true to size as they are available in whole and half sizes. If your foot is wide or E-width, you want to buy the EE-size boots but if your foot is narrower or B-width, you want to order D-size boots, sizing down by one.

Sizing can be difficult, but Rujo has made everything easy for you. The good thing is that if your boots do not fit perfectly, you can always exchange the boots for free, using the return shipping label included in your boot’s box.

When ordering, remember to also consider factors that affect your foot. If you will use thicker socks or shoe insert that provides a solution to your feet problems if you have any, you should put everything into consideration.

Tecovas Boots Fit

Tecovas boots are true to size, so you can order your real size. They come in whole and half sizes, meaning it is easy to find your real size. You do not need to size down or up in your Tecovas boots. Your normal size should fit perfectly as Tecovas boots do not run large or small.

However, you should consider what you will be using with the boot such as thick socks and inserts. If you find out that your Tecovas boot is not fitting you perfectly, you can easily return it for free. The company will exchange the boot for you without you spending another shipping fee.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots Review

Rujo Boots Review

Rujo boots is a new brand with its craftsmanship dating back to the 1700s. Rujo boots want to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to live their dreams.

Rujo Boot features a variety of different styles, colors and sizes to choose from. The boots are made from high-quality materials and have a unique, sleek design. They are the perfect item for work or going out with friends or for a night on the town.

This boot company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality boots known for superior quality and craftsmanship. The leather is soft and very comfortable to wear out of the box. This means there is no painful break-in period.

Rujo boots are handmade with 100% Premium hides and skins with the goal of providing you with high-quality products that you can wear for years. 

Rujo boots are handmade with the best bootmaking techniques and materials. They are designed to be comfortable, durable and versatile. These boots offer a full range of styles from ankle boots to riding boots, creating something for everyone.

These boots are made from full grain leather and are equipped with Goodyear welt construction. It means you can easily change the sole of the boot without hassle.

Rujo boots give people the best of both worlds. They have the incredible shock-absorbing polyurethane insole, while still being soft and flexible at the same time. This is huge for comfort and safety.

These boots are equipped with replaceable leather stacked heels alongside a rubber heel cap to protect the leather heel. The boots are made of Calfskin leather lining. These boots are warm, cozy, and offer a soft and fluffy feel. Everything about the boot is handmade so, you can be sure you are getting the right boot.

The boots are comfortable and easy to care for. They are true to size but you may want to size up by half since the shaft is narrow. The boots are perfect for work, nights out, riding and outdoors.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo Boots Pros And Cons

100% genuine leather upperCan be expensive for some people
Leather sole with leather stacked heel capped with rubber cap
Shock-absorbing polyurethane insole
Resolable Goodyear welt construction
Treated seam and leather for waterproof
Leather lined insole
The hidden seam on the inside
Stylish and comfortable
Easy to break in as it can be worn straight out of the box
Oil and slip resistant

Tecovas Boots Review

Tecovas boots are designed with the latest technology to provide the best in comfort and durability. As the name suggests, Tecovas boots are made from cowhide leather, which is sourced from sustainable sources.

Tecovas Boots is a company that has been in the fashion industry since 2015 and has been disrupting the fashion world with stylish and amazing boots ever since it came. The company is known for its high quality, fashionable designs, and affordable prices.

This boot company specializes in the production of high-quality leather boots for men and women. They offer a wide range of products, from cowboy boots to riding boots, all of which are made from high-quality leather.

A pair of Tecovas boots is the perfect item to invest in. They are made with genuine leather that has been carefully tanned, dyed and treated with a special wax. They are water-resistant, durable and versatile.

These boots are perfect for people who are constantly on the go. They provide extra protection for your feet and have a Vibram sole to provide better traction. The boots’ Vibram sole provides oil and slip-resistant features.

The boots are constructed with a Goodyear welt, which means the boots will not come apart. In addition, they can be resoled easily. The seams and the leather are treated to be weatherproof. This includes being treated with a water-repellent coating, so it stays dry in wet conditions.

You may be wondering how you can make your shoes more comfortable. The answer is to invest in a pair of boots that offers leather lining. These boots are designed to provide a cushioned, soft feel and will definitely be worth the purchase.

Tecovas boots are the ideal footwear for on and off-road adventures. They are designed with a shock-absorbing polyurethane insole that provides superior comfort and support. Their breathable material offers trusted waterproof protection as well as exceptional durability.

The boot is a classic, timeless piece of footwear. It has been around for centuries and is one of the most desired, versatile pairs. In fact, all soles can be replaced with new heels easily without affecting the shape or design of the boot.

Tecovas Boot Pros And Cons

Premium leather upperExpensive
Leather sole with leather stacked heel capped with rubber cap
Vibram outsole for better traction
Resolable Goodyear welt construction
Treated seam and leather for waterproof
Leather lined insole
A thin layer of padding under the insole
Stylish and comfortable
Easy to break in as it can be worn straight out of the box
Oil and slip resistant

Rujo Boots vs. Tecovas Boots Price Comparison

Rujo BootsPriceTecovas BootsPrice
The Blake$375The Austin$745
The Roscoe$375The Townes$735
The Deacon$395The Earl$265
The Trace$465The Cartwright$275
The Arturo$495The Doc$275

The Best Rujo Boots

1. The Gavin

The Gavin is a unique handmade boot from Rujo. Crafted with full-quill ostrich leather upper, this boot is a beauty that provides you with optimal comfort and durability. This boot is a 7-toe boot designed with a western heel that contains a stack of leather neatly done and capped with a rubber cap.

Not only is the boot made from genuine leather materials, but also a Goodyear welt is constructed. This technique makes your boot more durable and easier to resole in case the traction on the boot is no longer sufficient after many years of use. 

The boot is also equipped with a supple calfskin lining that gets rid of moisture while also keeping your feet dry and fresh. The lining provides you with more comfort on the inside. The boot also spots a lemonwood peg heel that is hand-hammered to perfection. The boot is comfortable and available in different sizes and colors. It costs $395.

2. The Roscoe

Designed with a caiman tail leather upper, The Roscoe is a great and comfortable boot designed by Rujo Boots. It is available in different sizes and colors, giving you a chance to choose what fits you best. The caiman leather used is 100% genuine leather that is stylish and eye-catching.

The leather upper and the leather sole of this boot are sealed together firmly with Goodyear welt construction technology, giving you the assurance that your boot will not fall apart. The boot is also equipped with soft calfskin leather lining that provides your feet with optimal comfort all day.

The lemonwood peg heel is stacked expertly such that you cannot see the joints. This makes the boot unique and dazzling when you put it on. The insole of the boot is properly cushioned to provide you with the maximum comfort needed to wear the boot all day. This is one of the best boots you can get for work and casual wear. It costs $375.

3. The Blake

The Blake is a boot expertly crafted with 100% premium caiman tail leather upper and leather sole. This R-toe boot is available in a wide selection of sizes and colors, allowing you to select your favorite color and size. The boot is an exotic western boot loved by a lot of people because of its solid construction.

If you are looking for a boot that will be with you for many years even with regular use, The Blake from Rujo is a real deal. The boot has a Goodyear welted sole, which makes the sole and upper leather bond perfectly together. It means you can resole your boot without any problems.

The boot is also lined with supple calfskin leather that provides increased comfort to your feet. The boot is waterproof so you can expect it to protect your feet against elements. The good thing about this boot is that it is comfortable and can be worn straight out of the box. The boot costs $375.

4. The Arturo

When you hear the name, The Arturo, you know you are in for top-quality boots specially crafted for functionality and durability. Crafted from caiman belly leather that is premium leather material, this boot is a beauty to behold. It is one of the best-selling boots from Rujo boots because of its design.

This timeless western boot is elegant and excellently refined for style, comfort and durability. With its Goodyear welt construction, you have a durable leather boot in your hand. You can pair it with your favorite slacks and jeans as the boot is ready for all occasions. It also makes a perfect work boot.

The traction on the outsole is amazing and you can be confident while wearing it on any surface whether slippery or rough. The heel pegs are properly structured and joined together without any trace of joint, making the boot look unique and neat. This boot is waterproof, lined with soft calfskin leather, comfortable out of the box and versatile. It costs $495

The Best Tecovas Boots

1. The Austin

Made with premium American alligator leather upper, The Austin is a sturdy boot designed for performance, comfort and durability. It is hard to find a boot that will be comfortable out of the box and is still durable and functional, but The Austin combines the best features in just one boot.

Available in two colors and different sizes, this premium boot is crafted from premium yet supple leather. The boot is hand-lasted with a clean calfskin shaft, an angled heel and strip-style construction that dazzles. This boot is built for both formal and casual, making it perfect for all occasions.

The boot is designed in Texas and made in Mexico with premium American leather. This boot is a Goodyear welt constructed to guarantee durability and maximum comfort. The leather insole is equipped with padding that provides nice cushioning needed to be comfortable all day. It costs $745.

2. The Bandera

Meet the traditional cowboy boot – The Bandera. The Bandera is a cowboy boot specifically built for work and play. The boot is as tough as the people who wear it. Crafted with a bison leather upper, this boot is waterproof and equipped with a removable polyurethane insole.

The versatile boot is durable, stylish and comfortable. If you work in a factory, carpentry, or construction or you are into outdoor activities, this boot will keep you comfortable all day and provide you with maximum protection against the elements.

Since the boot is equipped with leather heels capped by a rubber cap, you are sure of a durable sole. This boot is built to be slip-resistant, oil-resistant and puncture resistance so that you can walk on all terrains without fear of getting injured. You are sure to love this boot just like a lot of people do. It costs $275.

3. The Earl

Versatile and durable roper boot that appeals to everyone from all walks of life, The Earl is a boot designed to be stylish and practical at the same time. The vamp of the boot is left unadorned to showcase its ultra-soft, hand-burnished calfskin, goat or bovine leather.

This boot is standing on a leather heel stacked excellently to look unique and great. The heel is capped with a rubber cap to provide you with amazing traction. The quality of workmanship is amazing as the boot will fit you perfectly.

This boot is versatile and can be paired with different outfits. Whether you are going for a night out, work or outdoor activities, this boot is perfect. It is durable and offers amazing traction and grip. The boot will set you back by $265.

4. The Cartwright

Available in different colors and sizes, The Cartwright is a functional boot crafted from calfskin that is supple and durable. This is an original timeless cowboy boot built the same way cowboy boots are built in the olden days. You just cannot go wrong with this boot.

The boot is crafted from a calfskin leather upper and equipped with a leather sole and heel. The heel is capped with a rubber cap, making it look really unique. The footbed is cushioned with a thin layer of padding that makes the boot more comfortable and easier to wear all day without discomfort.

The boot is Goodyear welted, guaranteeing you better durability. If you are looking for a boot that combines work and play in one boot, look no further than this boot. It is built for performance, and you will be surprised by how good the boot is. It is also liked on the inside, with supple leather for maximum comfort. The boot costs $275.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots


Are Rujo Boots Worth The Money?

Rujo boots are worth the money. The design of these boots can be seen as an example of biomimicry. The boots are made out of natural materials and they mimic the shape of the foot to provide more comfort and support.

The good thing about Rujo boots is that they are not as expensive as some of the big brands out there but still produce some of the best boots that everyone loves. Rujo boots are top quality and are amazingly comfortable. In fact, you can wear them straight out of the box.

Are Tecovas Boots Worth The Money?

Tecovas boots are worth the money because they are made with premium materials. Tecovas Boots are a popular brand of boots that are often seen in fashion magazines and on the runways. With their popularity, they have become a staple in many people’s wardrobes.

Are RUJO Boots Good Quality?

The answer is yes. Rujo boots are made with premium materials from top to the bottom. The good thing is that these boots are sturdy, comfortable, inexpensive and can be worn out of the box.

These boots are some of the best you can ever get on the market. They are durable and built for performance.

Do RUJO Boots Run Small?

Rujo boots are true to size. So, you should order your real size. It does not run big, so you should not size down. The boots are available in whole sizes and half sizes.

Who Are Tecovas Competitors?

Tecovas boots have a lot of competitors. The boot company can be said to be new in the market but has been disrupting the boot market since established. Here are Tecovas competitors:

  • Rujo boots
  • Tony Lama boots
  • Ariat boots
  • Lucchese boots
  • Durango boots

What Is The Best Western Boot Brand?

The best western boot brands are:

  • Tony Lama boots
  • Ariat boots
  • Tecovas boots
  • Justin boots
  • Rujo boots
  • Frye boots


Like most comparisons, the Rujo boots vs. Tecovas boots debate depends entirely on what you want. However, since there are pros and cons to the two boot brands, deciding between the two should be easier for you. With all the information listed in this article, you have everything you need to make the decision.

If you are looking for the right boot for any purpose, you are good with both Rujo boots and Tecovas boots. If you ask me to decide, Rujo boots are not expensive but they are more comfortable. But that does not take anything away from the quality of Tecovas boots.

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