Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

The main difference between the Nike Air Max 95 and 97 is that the upper of the 97 is more comfortable than that of the 95, and the general fit and cushioning are stiffer than the 95 and other earlier models due to its full-length air unit.

Nike has released different models of the Nike Air Max, including the Air Max 95 and Air Max 97. These shoes are designed for comfort and lifestyle.

This blog post will compare the Nike Air Max 95 with the Nike Air Max 97 to help you decide which Nike Air Max you should purchase. If you are looking for Air Max 95 features or Air Max 97 features that make each of these shoes good, read on.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 95 or 97

The Air Max 95 and 97 are two of Nike’s most iconic sneakers. They were released in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

The Air Max 97 is the most recognizable of the two, as it was one of the first Nike shoes to use a visible air unit, and its design is special. The Air Max 95 is not as popular but has a sleek design. The Air Max 97 is a bit more comfortable than the Air Max 95, but both shoes are narrow in the toe area.

So, which one should you buy? If you want to choose between the Nike Air Max 95 and Nike Air Max 97, here is a side-by-side comparison.

What Is The Difference Between Nike Air Max 95 And 97?

Nike Air Max 95 FeaturesNike Air Max 97 Features
FitTrue to size but a bit narrowTrue to size but a bit narrow
Price$145 to $215$100 to $215
SexMale and femaleMale and female
Gripgood grip and traction.good grip and traction.
AvailabilityAvailable in different colorways.Available in more varieties and colorways,
LeatherPremium synthetic leather.Premium synthetic leather
soleThick rubber sole Thick rubber sole
VarietyAbout 14 varietiesAvailable in 19 varieties.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97 Shape

Nike Air Max 95 Shape

The Nike Air Max 95 is a shoe with a bit of a round toe box. The shoe design is legendary and one of the best designs by Nike. The sneakers come with a comfortable design as the ankle is padded to provide you with optimal ankle protection. So, this will help you avoid rubbing even if you have a flat foot.

The Air Max 95 has a thick and gorgeous lacing system that makes the shoe unique. The mesh and synthetic upper mean you have a durable shoe that is breathable at the same time. The toe of this sneaker is equipped to provide you with optimal comfort.

The toe box is tapered for better toe protection. The shoe upper is made with premium synthetic leather and a mesh overlay that provides breathability. The good thing about this shoe shape is that the sole is made of a durable rubber material that will last for many years.

The lacing system of this shoe is innovative and makes it easy to lace it and put the shoe on and off effortlessly. The six eyelets make the shoe easier to lace up quickly.

The Nike Air Max 95 is also equipped with Nike’s iconic Air cushioning that delivers optimal comfort. It seems you are walking over the air whenever you put on this shoe. The outsole also features good traction needed to stay on your feet for a long time.

The shoe has a foam midsole and a reflective element that shows the light when in the darkness. This shoe heel counter makes it even more comfortable.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 97 Shape

The Nike Air Max 97 is a gorgeous sneaker with a little narrow round toe box. The sneaker is comfortable and made of premium synthetic leather with about six layers of leather design. This is one of the most gorgeous sneakers Nike has ever made.

The sneaker design was inspired by Japanese bullet trains and water droplets. The sneaker comes with full-length Air cushioning, the first of its kind in any Nike shoe. The shoe has a mesh underlay that adds an airy feel and a premium look to the sneaker.

The sneaker has a fantastic hidden lacing system that offers a streamlined look. The shoe comes with a foam midsole that provides you with plush cushioning. The sneaker has six eyelets and is extremely easy to lace.

The rubber outsole of the Air Max 97 provides the traction you need for everyday use. The good thing is that this sneaker comes in many colorways. The Air technology in the sole of the Air Max 97 is fantastic and makes walking in the shoe extraordinarily comfortable.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97 Fit

Nike Air Max 95 Fit

The Nike Air Max 95 fits true to size. However, this shoe is designed for narrow feet, so you’ll want to size up by half if you have a wide foot. The shoe comes in half sizes and whole sizes, so you are sure to get your perfect fit.

If you have a wide foot, only size up by half, because if you size up by one, it will be too long for your feet. So, make sure you do not size up by more than half.

Nike Air Max 97 Fit

Like the Air Max 95, the Nike Air Max 97 fits true to size. However, this sneaker is also narrow. It will not be suitable for people with broad and flat feet if they do not size up. So, if you have a wide or flat foot, size up by half for a perfect fit.

Make sure to only size up by half and not one. If you size up by one, the shoe will be too long for you and become uncomfortable. The shoe comes in whole and half sizes, so you should find your size easily.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97 Review

Nike Air Max 95 Review

The Nike Air Max 95 has been a staple in the sneaker world since its release. Tinker Hatfield designed the shoe, and it was released in 1995. It is the first Air Max to feature a visible air unit and is also one of Nike’s most popular running shoes.

Nike has been releasing the Air Max 95 in various colorways throughout the years, but some have stood out more than others. One of these is the “Infrared” colorway that came out a few years back and was inspired by infrared photographs from NASA satellites.

This colorway has an almost 3D appearance because of how bright it is, making it stand out from all other Air Max 95s. This shoe is comfortable and excellently cushioned with air in the insole for maximum comfort.

The shoe upper is made of mesh, which makes the shoe breathable. The shoe also has some synthetic leather to complement the upper mesh. This shoe is comfortable but is best for people with narrow feet, so if you have a wide foot, you need to size up by half.

Nike Air Max 95 Pros And Cons

Top quality mesh and premium synthetic upperHeavy
Super durable construction.It needs time to break in.
Fit true to sizeExpensive
Great and easy lacing system
quality foam midsole.
Comfortably cushioned sole
Easy to maintain
Best for the colder season

Nike Air Max 97 Review

The Air Max 97 is a shoe that was released by Nike in 1997. It was the first shoe to have full-length air cushioning, which made it the first true running shoe. The Air Max 97 was designed by Sergio Lozano, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Smith.

The Air Max 97 is one of Nike’s most iconic sneakers from the 1990s, alongside other models such as the Air Huarache, Cortez, and Dunk Low Pro SB.

It features a mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays for support and durability. The air cushioning in the sole of this shoe is fantastic, and it will feel as though you are walking on top of the air. The sneaker is gorgeous and has about seven synthetic overlays.

The sneaker is well-built to last because it is made of premium materials. It is breathable, and the shoe is available in many colorways, making it a great shoe. The shoe is also comfortable, but if you have a wide foot, you should size up by half to make the sneaker comfortable.

One unique thing about the sneaker is that it lights up at night. If you own this shoe, you know it is gorgeous and one of the best designs from Nike. The Air Max 97 has a midsole made of foam, making it more comfortable for you to wear. The lazing system is also unique as it makes the shoes look slick.

Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97

Nike Air Max 97 Pros And Cons

Premium synthetic leather and mesh upperExpensive
air cushioning system in the sole.Heavy
Multiple colorwaysA long break in time
Gorgeous design

The Nike Air Max 95 Vs. 97 Price Comparison Chart

The Nike Air Max 95 is available in about 14 designs and colors, and the price ranges from $145 to $215, while the Nike Air Max 97 is available in 19 varieties and colors with a price range of $100 to $215. So, you can quickly get the one you like from Nike’s official website or other third-party websites.


Which Sneaker Is Easier To Break In?

The Nike Air Max 95 and 97 are not easy to break in. You must take time to slowly break into these shoes to make them more comfortable for you. They are made of the same mesh and synthetic leather, so breaking into them requires the same process.

Which Sneaker Is Easier To Maintain?

The Nike Air Max 95 is easier to maintain. Since it is made of more mesh upper, you can easily clean it. However, you can keep both sneakers easily if you always care for them. Taking care of your shoes is the best way to maintain your Air Maxes.

Which sneaker is better for different activities?

Both the Air Max 95 and 97 are suitable for the same activities. They are dress shoes and also perfect for a few sporting activities, such as walking short distances and running short distances. These two Nike Air Maxes are great if you are looking for a nice dress shoe.

Is the Nike Air Max 95 worth the money?

Though the Nike Air Max 95 seems expensive, it is worth the money. Considering that the shoe is durable, comfortable, and perfect for different uses, it is worth every penny you spend. The materials used to make the sneakers are high quality, and the design is gorgeous enough to attract attention.

Are Nike Air Max 97 Worth The Money?

Yes. Although Nike Air Max 97 shoes are expensive, they are worth the money. These shoes are made of top-quality materials that will remain with you for years. The Air cushioning alongside a foam midsole also makes it comfortable. 

What’s Better, Air Max 95 Or 97?

While both the Nike Air Max 95 and 97 are excellent shoes, the Nike Air Max 97 is the better shoe. The Air Max 97 offers a better design and comes in more colorways that you can choose from. The shoe is also more durable and comfortable than the Air Max 95.

Are Air Max 97s Still Popular?

Yes, the Air Max 97 is still prevalent. This shoe is gorgeous, making it the best choice for many people. The shoe quickly runs out of stock whenever it gets back in stock. So, people still love the Air Max 97, which is still popular among people.

Are Air Max 95s comfortable?

The Air Max 95s are great for walking around the city because they are highly stable. They are not as flexible as other shoes, so they are not as comfortable to run in. However, they are still extremely pleased to walk in.


Nike Air Max 95 vs. 97? Both sneakers are good shoes that are excellently built. They are made with comfort in mind. Though these two sneakers are a bit narrow, you can size up by half if you have a wide foot. Both shoes are durable, but the Air Max 97 seems to be the people’s choice because of its gorgeous design.

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