Naot Vs Birkenstock

The major difference between Naot and Birkenstocks is their durability. While both offer similar options in terms of style, comfort, and pricing, Birkenstocks take it a step further in terms of durability. If you buy a pair of Birkenstocks today, in years to come you’ll still enjoy value for your money. 

This is not to say naots are not durable; they are. But Birkenstocks take the win in this regard. If you’re looking for more stylish summer shoes with a wide variety of options, you can’t go wrong with naots. 

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves when they decide to purchase a new pair of sandals that can support their feet is whether they should get a pair of Birkenstocks or a pair of Naots.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pair of sandals, but it boils down to preference sometimes. Both Naot sandals and Birkenstock sandals are excellent for treating foot pain and are also perfect sandals for summer. But are they any different from each other?

In this blog, we will compare and contrast the two sandal companies, what they stand for, and what their sandals are like. We will also shine a light on the differences and similarities between their sandals. So, read on.

Naot vs. Birkenstock

While naots and Birkenstocks are similar in design, pricing, and general appearance, they are two different shoes and distinct from each other. Birkenstock has been a popular choice for hundreds of years and has efficiently mastered the art of making slides and shoes. 

Naot sandals are a popular brand of footwear that is designed in Israel. They are known for their comfort, style, and durability. Naot sandals come with a variety of different arch supports to suit your needs.

Birkenstock is a German company that designs shoes and sandals. The company was founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock. Birkenstocks are well known for their cork footbeds which provide extra support and comfort to the wearer.

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks
Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

The difference between Naot Sandals and Birkenstock Sandals is majorly the arch support they offer – Naots have more options than Birkenstocks do.

Naot shoes are known to produce more contemporary styles with a focus on comfort. Birkenstock sandals, on the other hand, produce traditional styles with a focus on stability and comfort.

Naot vs. Birkenstock Comparison Chart

Naot ShoesBirkenstock Shoes
FitRuns smaller and narrowRuns true to size and comes in wide and narrow
PriceReasonable priceReasonable price
UtilityDress Dress 
GripExcellent grip and tractionExcellent grip and traction
AvailabilityAvailable in different varietiesAvailable in different variety
LeatherNatural Italian leatherNatural and vegan leather
SoleNatural latex, cork and suede Natural cork, latex, jute and suede
DesignSandals, slippers, sneakers, shoes, boots and clogsSandals, shoes, boots, sneakers, slippers and clogs
VarietyAvailable in different varietiesAvailable in different varieties
Break in periodLess time for break-inMore time for break-in
Footbed designOnly one footbed typeTwo footbed types – regular and soft footbed

Naot vs. Birkenstock Shape

Naot Shape

Naot shoes come in different types of designs from slippers to sneakers, clogs, sandals and boots. These shoes are made of top-quality Italian leather or suede or Nubuck alongside a uniquely engineered insole of a blend of cork and latex.

The shoes are designed to replicate your foot and lay emphasis on arch support. The latex and cork footbeds of these shoes are in four or five layers, helping you to absorb shock and impact from the ground.

The leather material used for the shoes is breathable and these shoes have soles that are comfortable and stable. You can wear these shoes all day because they are super comfortable and they are also breathable.

Birkenstock Shape

Just like Naot shoes, Birkenstock shoes come in different designs and styles. The shoes are shaped to your foot and come with high-quality leather upper that can be original, nubuck, synthetic or vegan. The upper materials and footbed materials are kind to your feet.

The leather upper could be suede, full grain, oiled leather or nubuck leather. Birkenstocks also use skin-friendly and durable Birko-Flor synthetic material to produce stylish shoes and sandals. The sole of Birkenstocks contains natural cork, latex, jute and suede for a comfortable fit.

These shoes come in clogs, boots, slippers, shoes and sandals, so there is a lot you can choose from. These shoes are designed to replicate your foot, helping you to absorb impact and shock from the ground. The footbed comes in four or five layers.

These shoes’ footbeds are comfortable because they are excellently cushioned for comfort. They are breathable and once you break into the footbed, it will conform to your feet. Birkenstocks come in regular and soft footbeds.

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks
Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

Naot vs. Birkenstocks Fit

Naot Fit

Naot shoes fit true to size according to the company. But the company also stated on its website that you should size up by half. It means all Naot shoe types fit narrower or smaller. The shoes do not also come in half sizes but only in whole sizes.

If your size is in between, you should size up by half and if you have a wide foot and your size is whole, you may want to size up by one. For example, if you are size 7.5, size up to 8.

Birkenstock fit

Birkenstock shoes fit true to size. The shoes are available in both narrow and wide widths, so you are sure to easily find the right size. Also, the shoes are available in both half and whole sizes. So, you do not need to size up or down in Birkenstocks.

Naot vs Birkenstocks Review

Naot Review

Naot shoes are shoes that are made for everyone whether men or women who demand elegance, comfort, and quality.

Naot shoes are the perfect choice for women who demand elegance, quality and maximum comfort. The company was founded in 1942 and it is based in Israel. The company has a wide range of footwear styles that fit any occasion from casual to formal wear.

Naot shoes are designed for people with high arches, flat feet, or a combination of the two. The shoes are designed to improve posture and keep the foot in a neutral position. This ensures that you have a more comfortable experience while wearing the shoe.

Naot shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The company offers a wide range of footwear for all kinds of feet, including those that require special arch support, or those that need orthopedic inserts. Naot shoes are made with the finest leather and materials, including natural leather from Italy, suede, cotton canvas and wool felt.

The shoes are made of excellent footbeds that provide support and maximum comfort. The natural latex, cork and suede used in the footbed make it easier to break into the shoes. The shoes are super comfortable and durable. If you have foot issues, these shoes can help you correct them.

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks
Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

Naot Pros And Cons

Top-quality Italian leatherCan be expensive
Handmade Little arch support
Molded soles for added comfortRuns smaller so size up by a half or one
Available in different styles, colors and sizes
Lightweight and comfortable
Arch support and good for heel suppress or plantar fasciitis
Extra stability for excellent weight distribution
Good grip
Nice grip and breathable
Little to no break-in time

Birkenstocks Review

If you’re in the market for breathable shoes that are comfortable, stylish and can stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks. 

Birkenstocks are shoes that you can wear almost anywhere, anytime, and they will still feel comfortable. They are the perfect shoes for people who hate wearing socks.

The history of Birkenstocks dates back to 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock created a shoe with a flexible leather sole. Birkenstocks shoes are a global phenomenon. They span over generations and countries. Birkenstocks are a popular shoe because they are comfortable and durable.

The most popular product is the Arizona sandal which has a cork footbed, suede footbed or leather footbed with a strap that goes around the front of your ankle for stability.

Birkenstocks make shoes in different styles and varieties from clogs to shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers and sandals. The footbeds of the shoes are made with natural latex, cork, jute and suede. These shoes also come in natural, synthetic, Birko-Flor, and suede leather materials.

Birkenstocks are super comfortable, and stable and provide support to your feet. Podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks, as the shoes support your arch. Birkenstocks are available in regular footbeds and soft footbeds. The good thing about the shoes is that they are perfect for everyone including vegans.

The shoes are durable and stylish. They are true to size and everyone can get a perfect size.

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks
Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks Pros And Cons

Top-quality leatherLonger break in period
Regular and soft footbedCan be expensive
Adjustable straps, shoes, boots and sneakers
Unisex and comfortable
Foot support
Excellently cushioned footbed
Available in different styles, sizes and colors
Suede lining that molds to your feet
Extra stability and grip
True to size
Wide and narrow widths

Naot vs. Birkenstocks Price Comparison Chart

While Naot shoes are available in different styles and designs, the price can range from $60 to $340. Birkenstocks shoes are also available in different designs and styles, the price can range from $35 to $220.

Both shoe companies have different styles and designs but Naot has more styles in terms of tall boots and other kinds of shoes. Based on the design, the quality and design of the shoe can jack up the price.


Which Shoe Is Easier To Break In

While both Birkenstocks and Naot come in different styles and designs, Naot shoes are generally easier to break in. Naot shoes have little to no break in time, so they are really easy to break in. You can wear Naot shoes right out of the box.

Which Shoe Is Easier To Maintain?

Both Naot and Birkenstocks shoes are easy to maintain but the footbed of these shoes needs not have much water. The footbed material should not be soaked in water all the time, or else it will be damaged. You can easily clean these shoes with a clean cloth.

The good thing is that these two brands have produced cleaners and refreshers for their shoes. So, you can get one of the cleaners and refreshers and spray on the shoe. Use a cloth to remove excess moisture and dirt. You can use a suede brush to brush the nubuck and suede footbeds to restore them.

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

Which Shoe Is Better For Different Activities?

It is difficult to separate these two brands when it comes to dressing. Both Naot and Birkenstock shoes are perfect for different activities because they are both available in slippers, sneakers, boots, clogs and shoes.

If you are looking for all kinds of shoes that are perfect for different activities, both Naot and Birkenstocks offer all kinds of shoes you can ever need.

Are Naot Shoes Worth The Money

Yes, Naot shoes are worth the price. Though Naot shoes can be expensive they are made with top-quality materials that will last for many years. The shoes are also versatile, breathable, comfortable and good for different occasions. The good thing is they support your feet.

Are Birkenstocks Shoes Worth The Money?

Yes, Birkenstocks shoes are worth the money. These shoes are made from high-quality materials that are perfect for everyone whether regular or vegan. The shoes are also equipped with regular and soft footbeds which means your feet are optimally supported.

Unlike Naot shoes, Birkenstocks are also available in narrow and wide widths. So, you will surely find what you need. The shoes are also true to size and you will never have to size up or down as in Naot shoes. So, Birkenstocks shoes are worth the money.

Is Naot Owned By Birkenstock?

No. Naot is not owned by Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks is a German brand, while Naot is an Israeli brand located in Neot Mordechai, Israel. Naot and Birkenstocks are different companies. 

Naot Vs. Birkenstocks

What Shoes Are Better Than Birkenstock?

In the Birkenstocks category, no other footwear comes close. However, there are many great Birkenstocks alternatives that you may get at even a lower price. Here’s a list of some Birkenstocks alternatives:

  • Cushionaire Luna Cork Footbed Sandal
  • Naot shoes
  • Funkymonkey Double Buckle EVA Sandal
  • WTW Single Strap Buckle Slides
  • WTW Cork Flip Flop
  • Freedom Moses Leo Two Band Slides

Is There A Shoe Comparable To Birkenstock?

In the real sense of the word, no shoe is comparable to Birkenstocks in their category. Naot comes close, but Birkenstocks remains a favorite. 

 With Birkenstocks, you are sure of all kinds of dress shoes that are comfortable and stable on the feet. Here are shoes comparable to Birkenstocks:

  • Naot shoes
  • Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals
  • Freedom Moses Slide
  • Grenson Floral Sandals
  • Skechers Arch Fit Granola Sandals
  • Doc Martens Blaire Slides
  • Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals

Why Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Podiatrists recommend Birkenstock shoes because they are equipped with cork soles, which makes them comfortable. The shoes are comfortable and durable and evenly distribute your body weight to support your feet for more comfort. The nice deep heel cup makes the shoes comfortable.


When it comes to Naot vs. Birkenstocks shoes, it is difficult to separate them because they are similar in many ways. These two brands offer shoes of the same styles and range. However, a few things separate them and can be the factor you need to choose between the two.

While Naot shoes are comfortable and can be worn straight out of the box, Birkenstock shoes are more supportive in terms of foot health. Birkenstocks are recommended by podiatrists for people with foot health issues and everyone who is looking for comfortable shoes.

Another factor is that Birkenstock shoes tend to be less expensive than Naot shoes. But the choice is yours. These two brands produce extremely durable and comfortable shoes, so whichever you choose is bound to deliver on promises.

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