JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

Getting high-quality boots has become daunting because many fake boots have flooded the market. The painful thing is that most of the big names in the boot industry have moved production abroad, producing poor-quality boots.

If you are looking for a unique pair of high-quality leather boots that can last for many years, you need to get familiar with J.K. boots vs. Nicks boots. Both JK boots and Nicks boots are great brands, producing some of the best custom handmade boots that last a lifetime.

If you have explored the world of ready-made boots and need to get something better, these J.K. boots vs. Nicks boots are for you. In this article, I compare the quality of boots between these two companies. I will also explore the differences between the styles of boots and everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

When it comes to quality boots nowadays, you have to get into the world of handmade boots if you are looking to get the best boot that will be not only stylish but also comfortable and durable. 

When shopping for shoes, many people are unwilling to spend a lot of money on a pair of boots because they fear that the boots will be uncomfortable or the quality will not be worth it. There are many reasons why one should go for handmade boots.

For one, when you buy handmade boots, you can get a better fit and comfort than with mass-produced boots on the market. 

J.K. boots and Nicks boots are handmade and naturally more durable than those made in a factory. And lastly, buying handmade boots like J.K. boots and Nicks boots is more of an investment than a purchase because you can pass them on to your children and generations to come.

This brings us to the J.K. boots vs. Nick’s boots comparison. So, let us get started with the comparison of the two.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots Vs. Nicks Boots Shape Comparison

JK Boots’ Shape

The J.K. handmade and custom boot shape perfectly combines sleek, sophisticated, and sporty.

The boots are made with a durable leather material that has been treated with a special wax to make them water resistant. This means that your feet will not get wet if you happen to be caught in the rain while wearing them.

The boots are made with two types of leather – smooth and rough. J.K. boots are created with a round toe cap, making your toes comfortable in them. Most of these boots are lace-to-toe boots with either fabric or leather laces.

J.K. boots feature some of the best polyester oxford rubber soles that last a lifetime. The boots are protective because they are made with thick, supple, and durable leather. The sole of J.K. boots is made to provide you with traction and fantastic grip on different surfaces.

The cushioning in the midsole is impressive in that it keeps you comfortable all day. The boots are sturdy and not too heavy so that you can be comfortable in J.K.’s boots. They also come in different colors and sizes, giving you options.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

Nick’s Boots Shape

Nicks boots come in four types of toes, including pointed toe, round toe, slick toe, and deep toe box. The boots are made with a top-quality leather upper, a durable outsole, and a well-cushioned insole. The boots are lined with leather, making them conform to your feet as you wear them.

The boots also come with different shoelaces, including fabric and leather laces. Some Nick boots are ankle boots, while other boots are boots longer than the ankle. With pull-on tags at the back of these boots, you are sure to quickly put the boots on and off.

Nicks boots feature the best leather and rubber outsole, offering excellent traction and the grip you need on any terrain.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots Fit

JK Boot Fit

J.K. boots come in whole and half sizes, so finding your size is extremely easy. There are two ways you can size your boot. Either you buy the ready-made J.K. boots, or you ask the company for a custom-made boot where you will be able to measure your foot and send the measurement to them.

With JK ready-made boots, men have to size down by one. For example, if your usual size is 11, you have to size down to 10 and then choose if your foot is narrow, wide, or average.

For women, you have to size down by 2.5 in J.K. boots. For instance, if your size is 9.5, you should size down to 7 and choose if your foot is average, extended, or narrow.


Nick’s Boots Fit

Sizing Nick’s boots is not as easy as in J.K.’s boots. The best thing is to contact them to discuss your size. However, Nick’s boots fit a bit large. To get a snug-fitting boot from Nicks, you should size down by half. For instance, if your size is usually 12D, you should size down to 11.5D.

However, if you like to have some room in your boot, you should order your actual size. You should contact them if you do not understand Nick’s boot sizing properly.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots Vs. Nicks Boots Review

JK Boots Review

J.K. handmade boots are a type of footwear you can customize to fit you very well. They are easy to wear and look good. They are also durable, which is why they have become a popular option for many people on the market.

JK Boots was founded in 1994 by John Khadzhi with the vision of making high-quality boots that you could customize to fit you very well. He wanted to change the way people think about footwear. This is why he offers such excellent customization options with no hidden costs or hidden fees.

These boots are made of soft leather that feels luxurious. They are also customizable, so you can ask for the color and design you love the most.

J.K. handmade boots are one of the most customizable boots on the market. They have a lot of unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

J.K.’s handmade boots can be customized with different materials, including leather, suede, and fabric. With an excellent and durable sole that can last for many years, you can be sure that your feet are optimally protected from the elements.

The insole cushioning is original, and you will not need to replace the insole for a very long time. These boots are also not difficult to break into because they are made with supple genuine leather. Sizing a J.K. boot is easy, so you can easily make an order for a boot that will fit perfectly.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots Pros And Cons

Lace to toe.Expensive
Exceptionally durable leather upper
Top-quality sole
Customizable and handmade
Triple and quadruple stitching.
There is aggressive treading on the outsole for better traction.
You can wear them straight out of the box.
Stitch-down outsole
Fire resistant soles
No painful break-in period.
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

Nick’s Boots Review

Nick’s handmade boots are the perfect pick for any fashionista. They are customizable and come in a variety of colors and styles. Their large size, customizable color options, and durable construction make them the perfect boots for any occasion.

Nick’s handmade boots are not just a fashion statement but also one of the most comfortable boots. Nick believes in quality over quantity and creates one-of-a-kind, customized footwear for clients. The boots are made with top-quality leather and feature double and triple stitching for durability and strength.

The boots are made for both men and women but are specially tailored for men’s feet. The individual style of each boot is unique as every last stitch is hand sewn by Nick and his team. So, Nick’s boots are made in the USA.

Nick’s handmade boots come in various colors and styles, with the option to customize them. The customization options include the color of the stitching, heel height, heel style, and more.

Nicks boots are made to be comfortable for all-day wear. They offer a stylish look that is perfect for any occasion. The amount of cushioning in the insole is such that it provides you with optimal comfort. The boots’ outsoles are also the best you can get on the market.

They are not only durable but also flexible, making it easy for you to walk and do various activities. The toe of the boot provides excellent protection. The boots are available in various colors, so you can find a color that matches your style and taste.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

Nicks Boots Pros And Cons

Top-quality and durable leather uppersExpensive
excellent sole with top-quality traction.Long break-in time
customizable and comfortable.Not waterproof
Protects your feetSizing can be difficult to understand.
Ankle support
Fire-resistant threads on the outsole
Lower and high arch support
Dries quickly when soaked
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots Price Comparison Chart

JK BootsPriceNicks BootsPrice
Arctic$665Hot Shot Classic Arch$535
Superduty Honey$605Charley$619
Fire Inlander$575BuilderPro$545
OT$495“Made to Order”$559

The Best JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

The Best JK Boots

1. “Fire Inlander.”

The Fire Inlander is a superior boot with top-quality 8 oz premium oil-tanned leather. The boot is a favorite because of its aesthetic quality and durability. With its top design, the boot is made for performance.

The J.K. Fire Inlander boot features triple and quadruple stitching that binds the leather together for better durability. This boot offers optimal arch support, while the well-cushioned midsole will also keep you comfortable throughout the day.

This book is people’s favorite because it features high-strength Technora fire resistance of 9000F. The good thing about this boot’s leather is that it is supple, and you can wear it straight out of the box. You will never experience a painful break-in. The boot costs $575 and is customizable.


2. The Arctic No 2

Designed for icy wind, snow, and sub-zero temperatures, the Arctic No 2 is a boot designed for warmth. You need a companion to keep your feet warm when you step out in the cold, icy, and snowy weather. This fully insulated boot is the best boot that will keep your feet warm all day.

With its waterproof leather, fully lined with full grain insulation, you have nothing to worry about when it is freezing outside. The leather is durable, supple, and easy to break into. The boot also has an insulated footbed liner, so your feet are insulated from top to bottom.

This boot is rebuildable and customizable. If you want the boot to be built in a particular way that is unique to your needs, you can ask JK Boots to customize it for you, and the company will give you a 30-day waiting period to get your new boot ready—which may or may not be up to 30 days. The boot sells at $665, but maybe more if you customize it.

3. Superduty (Safety Toe)

The JK Superduty boots are safety-toe boots handmade in the U.S. This boot is well-built, and you cannot fault it because it is equipped with an ASTM-rated composite rigid toe. Its durability is guaranteed with the triple and quadruple stitching that firmly holds the leather together.

Not only is this gorgeous and durable, but it is also sewn with fire-resistant thread that cannot burn under 9000F. With its unique thick and supple leather and a well-balanced and cushioned footbed, you are sure of optimal comfortability in any weather condition.

Not all boots provide warmth, but the Superduty from JK Boots does. So, when you need both protection and comfort for your feet, this boot excels. The boot costs $605, but you can customize it to your taste for a few extra dollars.


4. O.T.

When it comes to fire boots, the O.T. boot from J.K. is one of the best you can get. The boot is comfortable, exceptionally durable, stylish and easy to put on and off. If you are into firefighting and looking for the right boot for your work, these are some of the best boots you can get.

An O.T. boot lets you focus on your job, knowing that a pair of high-quality boots will protect you. The boot is light and flexible, making it easy for you to walk in without feeling discomfort. The boot is also versatile and can be worn for different purposes. 

The boot is made with genuine leather and has an oxford rubber sole. The leather upper is available in two types of leather, including smooth and rough leather. The insole is equipped with genuine oak tanned material that keeps you comfortable on any surface. The boot costs $449.


The Best Nick’s Boots

1. Hot Shot Classic Arch

The Hot Shot Classic Arch boot is an NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) certified fireboot designed for maximum comfort. To confirm that the boot is excellent for firefighting, the boot is tested by a third party for puncture, heat, and slip resistance. So, you can put your mind to rest, knowing you are optimally protected when you wear this boot.

This boot features burn-resistant stitching, a burn-resistant Vibram RedX lug sole, a rough toe, and a heel alongside a smooth upper and a rough lower upper. The leather is thick, supple, and easy to wear right out of the box if you choose the correct size.

The sole stack-up is 1 inch, and the boot comes with 55 medium arches. With this boot, you get legendary arch support for comfort on rugged surfaces. This boot is rebuildable, reliable, and customizable. You cannot go wrong with this boot because it will provide maximum comfort and protection anywhere. It costs $535.

2. Falcon

The Falcon classic configuration boot from Nicks Boot is a lace-to-toe boot crafted with a completely smooth and genuine leather upper. This boot features neat triple and quadruple stitching on the leather to provide you with fantastic durability.

The boot comes in different colors and sizes, giving you a chance to choose the color you love and the right size that will fit you perfectly. The pull-on tag at the back of the boot helps you put the boot on quickly. This boot is stitched down to the sole because the thread used is fire resistant up to 9000F.

Built on the HNW last, this boot is designed to provide you with comfort and compliments all day. The boot is beautiful and features everything you need in a boot. The leather is USA-tanned leather, so the boot’s durability is guaranteed. It costs $549.


3. Manito

Manito classic configuration boot from Nicks is a lace-to-toe leather boot crafted with Horween-Chromexcel leather upper with maximum support for your toes. The boot is crafted in the USA for durability and comfort. If you are after a comfortable yet durable boot, this is it.

The boot is built on 55 and lasts with an excellent cowboy sole. A round-toe boot gives your toes ample space to wiggle. The Manito boot features double and triple stitching, and like other boots from Nicks, the boot is stitched down to the outsole with fire-resistant thread.

The durable Vibram sole is compensated with a fantastic footbed that is well-cushioned to provide optimal comfort all day. This boot is rebuildable, customizable, and resoleable. If you are looking for a boot that combines solidity, stability, durability and comfortability, the Manito boot from Nicks is the best. It costs $475.

4. Charley

The Charley boot from Nicks Boots is a custom-built boot with a classic arch, a standard toe, and a height of 6 inches. With this boot, you can select your favorite outsole, but the boot will be built with Horween-Chromexcel leather, which lasts longer and is easy to break into.

This boot is built on Nick’s iconic 55 last, providing arch support and a timeless feel. The Charley boot is an American-style boot that is available in different colors. The heel is cowboy-style, while the leather thickness stands at 6.4 oz.

The boot also comes with a durable Vibram 430 outsole, and the insole will be optimally cushioned to provide you with the maximum comfortability needed to walk on any terrain. This boot is handmade and is rebuildable, customizable, and resoleable. It costs $619.

JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots
JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots

Are J.K. boots worth the money?

Yes, J.K. boots are worth every penny you spend on them. JK Boot is a family-owned company that has built its business on quality. The boots are built to last and be comfortable for anyone to wear. If you love comfort, durability, and style in one place, J.K. boots provide all that.

The good thing about this boot company is that all their boots are handmade and can be customized to your taste. Also, the boots are rebuildable and reliable. People love J.K. boots not only for their durability but also for their style and neatness.

Are Nick’s Boots Worth the Money?

Yes, Nick’s boots are worth the money. You cannot go wrong with Nick’s boots when it comes to handmade boots that are genuinely made in the USA with top-quality materials. The good thing about the boots is that they are available in different colors and sizes, giving yallowing youse what you like.

All Nicks boots are customizable and are all made with top-quality leather and soles. The insole is equipped with excellent cushioning that provides you with optimal comfort. With Nicks boots, you are guaranteed quality boots that are also stylish at the same time.

Are JK Boots good?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. J.K. boots are extremely good and anyone can try them. These boots have a unique and highly popular style. They are available in many colors and materials such as leather, suede, faux fur, etc., but classic black is always a safe bet. 

J.K. boots will last an exceptionally long time because they are made of high-quality materials and are guaranteed to last and be comfortable. In addition, J.K. boots are easy to order and come in many colors, styles, and sizes.

Many people will line up to buy J.K. boots because their design is unique. They have a high-, fashionable designgn that you can’t find anywhere else.

Who Bought Nick’s Boots?

Formerly known as Nicks Custom Boots, the current owner, Steve Mowe, bought the boot company and renamed it Nicks Boots some years ago. Before Steve Mowe moved the company to its current location, its store was on Evergreen Road in Spokane Valley.

How Do JK Boots Fit?

J.K. boots come in half sizes and whole sizes, so sizing in J.K. boots is straightforward. In J.K. boots, you have to size down by one. This means if your size is 10, you should size down to 9 for a perfectly fitting boot. However, women need to size down by 2.5.

For example, a woman that usually wears a size 10 will have to size down to a 7.5. Since you can request a custom-made boot, you can just measure your foot and send it to them. They will guide you on how to measure your foot correctly.

Are Nick’s boots true to size?

Nicks boots are true to size but sizing in Nicks boots can be complicated. You have to know your size and follow their sizing instructions. If you are not sure of how to choose the right size, you can just contact them and they will be able to help you figure out your size for Nicks boots.


JK Boots vs. Nicks Boots is a debate that will continue to surface on the internet for years to come. Everyone wants to own a pair of top-quality boots from BotBoots and Nicks Boots, which are excellent companies that produce top-quality boots. They use excellent leather made in the USA, and all the materials in the boots are top-quality.

Deciding between the two is not easy, but you can look at many factors when deciding. Both companies offer ready-made boots that are not mass-produced but individually handmade. The fact that J.K.’s boots offer precise sizing that is not complicated gives J.K. an edge over Nick’s boots. But the ball is in your court since both boot companies deliver on quality, comfortability, and durability.

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