JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

Dr. Martens Made In Vietnam Vs. Made In China

The JK Boot is a very popular boot out there, and for good reason. They are well-built, comfortable, and come in a wide range of styles and colors that you can easily match up with any outfit. They also have a really great price point on them as well, which makes them even better value for money.

JK Boots have a brutal break-in period and Franks have a very mild one. However, for build quality and customer service, both JK and Franks boots are pretty similar. They both have great customer service, but I would still take JK over Franks purely for the break in time.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about J.K. boots vs. Franks boots. We will also help you choose the right boot for different purposes. If you are excited about discovering these two best boots, read on.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

JK Boots vs. Franks Boots

It is that time of year when we have to decide whether to invest in a new pair of boots or repair the same old pair we already have. It is not just spending more money on a new pair, though, because the old couple will have to be replaced at some point.

This may seem daunting, but it is easier than you think. There are plenty of popular boots out there with excellent quality, but some less-known ones will amaze you with their quality.

J.K. boots and Franks boots are two boots that have been around for over a decade, but probably because they are handmade and do not put much effort into their advertisements, they are less well known to people. Also, there are only a few online reviews of these two companies, making it difficult for people to decide between them.

You and I do not like to buy things with fewer reviews. Still, these two types of boots are the types of boots everyone should give a try since big names like Doc Martens are already rolling out fewer quality boots to the market, and customers are not as happy as they used to be when the company first started.

JK Boots vs. Franks Boots [The Easier To Break In?]

Both JK boots and Franks boots are easy to break into. Though you still have to make these boots conform to your feet by breaking them in, the break-in period is not as painful as in the other boots. You can wear these two boots straight out of the box.

JK Boots vs. Franks Boots [The Easier To Maintain?]

Both JK boots and Franks boots are easy to maintain. Both boots are equally easy to maintain. The best way to keep your boot is to store it properly. Always insert a shoe tree in your boot when you are not wearing it.

JK Boots vs. Franks Boots [The better for different activities?]

Both boots are perfect for different activities because they are designed similarly. Whether you are a firefighter, hiker, construction worker, or anything else, J.K. boots and Franks boots are perfect for different activities.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

Now, let us get into the comparison of J.K. boots vs. Franks boots.

JK Boots Vs. Franks Boots Shape

JK Boots’ Shape

JK Boots is a family-owned company that produces the highest quality custom-made boots. The boots come with a toe cap and are usually designed with two types of leather: rough leather and smooth leather.

These J.K. boots are created with top-quality leather and feature a lace-to-toe design. The sole is made with polyester oxford rubber that lasts a whole lifetime. Some of the shoes come with leather laces that stay.

These boots are protective because they are above the ankle, so you can be sure they will protect your ankle. The boots also come with a leather pull loop at the back, making it easier to put them on and off. The boot also comes with a cushioned midsole that provides maximum comfort.

The boots are available in different colors and styles, and you can easily ask what you like. These boots are work or casual boots that you can wear daily. The leather is thick yet supple, and the good thing is that you do not have to experience painful break-ins in these boots.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

Frank’s Boots Shape

Franks boots are handmade to last a lifetime and designed with a round-toe cap. They are tall boots that cover and protect your ankles. The shoes come with a raised tongue and feature double and triple stitching for excellent durability.

The boots have a heel base preceding the heel cap. These boots are heel shoes perfect for all kinds of environments. The upper leather is top quality, thick and supple, making breaking into the boots effortless. You will not experience pain during the break-in period.

They are comfortable, and you can wear them right out of the box. The traction on the sole is fantastic. These boots are mainly produced in D-width, but you can ask for a custom-made boot that will reflect you, meaning a boot specifically created for your type of foot.

The boots have plenty of room for your toes to be comfortable. The shoes also come with eyelets and hooks, alongside a well-cushioned insole that provides comfort no matter the length of time you have the boot on.

The sole also features a welt that tightly binds the sole with the upper leather. The pull loop at the back of the boots makes putting them on and off easier for you.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

JK Boots vs. Franks Boots fit

JK Boot Size

Sizing in J.K. Putting boots is easy. The shoes come in whole and half sizes, so you can easily find your size. And since the boot can be custom-made, you can easily ask the company to build your boot uniquely.

You have to size down by one in J.K. boots, meaning you should subtract one from your actual size. After sizing down by one in length, you can go ahead and choose a narrow, average, or wide width. For instance, if you usually wear a 10, you should size down to a 9 in length.

After sizing down from 10 to 9, you can choose your type of foot, whether narrow, average, or wide. Women’s sizing is a bit different. Women should size down by 2.5. For instance, if you wear a size 8.5, you should buy a size 6.

Frank’s Boot Fit

Sizing in Franks boots is super easy. There are two ways to size your Franks boots – standard sizing and designing your shoes.

With standard sizing, it is essential to use the sizing chart. The sizing in Franks boots is smaller because of the high arch of the boot, which puts your foot in the most relaxed position, making the length of the foot shorter.

Here is the Franks Boots sizing chart:

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots
Franks BootsUS StandardUK SizingEuropean SizingBrannock Sitting

Frank’s Width Chart:

Franks BootsUS StandardWidth

If the above sizing is complicated for you, just order a customized pair of the boots, but you will have to wait for 30 days.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

JK Boots Vs. Franks Boots Review

JK Boots Review

JK Boots is an American boot company that makes some of the best boots you can ever get off the market. This company has been around since 1994 and has been making its customers happy with durable and comfortable boots.

J.K. boots are handmade boots that offer a lot of years of durability. These boots are world-class work boots that you can also wear casually. They are also perfect for outdoor activities since they are comfortable and feature excellent traction.

J.K. boots are waterproof to a certain level but not 100% waterproof. If you are going to a wet area, be sure to grease your boots with grease to make them 100% waterproof. You are sure of excellent durability with a welt between the outsole and the leather upper.

J.K.’s handmade boots are durable and easy to break into. These boots are made of high-quality leather. They have a good grip and a firm heel, making it easy for you to walk on uneven surfaces. They are perfect for people who love the outdoors.

The J.K. handmade boots have a sturdy sole, which makes them suitable for people who want to walk on rough terrain. The sole is made with polyester oxford rubber, making it durable and lasting a lifetime.

The boots come in many colors and designs, so you can find your perfect pair. These boots are made of top-quality leather that is durable and supple.

The outsole of the boot is fire-resistant, and the toe cap of J.K. boots makes your toes comfortable in the boot. The shoes feature triple and quadruple stitching, giving you the durability you cannot get in other boots. The boot also comes with a leather pull-on at the back, making it easier for you to wear.

 JK Boots vs. Frank's Boots
 JK Boots vs. Frank’s Boots

JK Boots Pros And Cons

Highly durable leather upperExpensive
Lace to toe.
Handmade and customizable…
Triple and quadrupled stitching
High-quality rubber outsole
Outsole with aggressive treading for better traction on rough terrain.
Stitched down Outsole
Brass hardware
You can wear it straight out of the box.
No painful break-in period.
Fire resistance sole

Frank’s Boots Review

Franks Boots is an American shoe company that makes unique boots that last a lifetime. This company has been around since 1995 and continuously grows stronger daily. If you are looking for durable boots for work or casual but also one of the best companies, look no further.

Franks’ handmade boots are durable, easy to break into, and have a beautiful design. They are made of high-quality leather that will last for years, even if you do not care for them properly. The boots come in tough leather that is supple at the same time.

The tread on the sole is amazingly great and will provide you with the traction needed for grazing any kind of terrain. The rubber outsole is made with top-quality material that will last a lifetime.

Most of these boots are high heels, though not uncomfortable high heels, but moderate heel boots with a leather upper that covers your ankle. They are stylish lace-to-toe boots with class. The shoes feature mostly triple stitching, which means more durability.

Franks boots are fully rebuildable boots with a Vibram lug. Though the leather is thick, you will not have a painful break-in to these boots. The good thing about Franks’ boots is that they are customizable since they are handmade. You can ask for what you like, and that is what you will get.


Franks Boots Pros And Cons

Thick yet supple leather upperExpensive
highly durable
The highly durable sole is made with top-quality polyester oxford rubber.
Stylish and Customizable
Excellent traction for any terrain
It can be worn out of the box as there is no painful break-in period.
Double stitching for more durability.
True to size.
Lace to toe.
Casual / work boots

JK Boots Vs. Franks Boots Comparison Chart

JK BootsFranks Boots
More boots for selection.More about customizable boots
highly durablehighly durable
can be worn out of the box.No-pain break-in period 
Tricky sizing, except with customized bootsEasy sizing
ExpensiveIt can be more costly with customization.
WeltStitched down
Triple and quadruple stitching.Double stitching

JK Boots Vs. Franks Boots Prizing Chart

JK BootsPriceFranks BootsPrice
Superduty – Brown / Black$575Type 1 Commander$545
OT – Redwood / Brown$495Type 2 Highlander$530
Forefront$475Front Range$520
Fire Inlander$575Ground Pounder Crepe$530
Superduty Honey$605Ground Pounder$530

The Best Boots JK Boots vs. Franks Boots

The Best JK Boots

1. the Arctic No 2

The Arctic No 2 is designed for snow, icy wind, and sub-zero temperatures. The boot is designed with top-quality weatherproof leather and is fully lined with full grain insulation to keep your feet warm in the coldest environments.

The arctic boot is comfortable and durable and comes with an insulated neoprene footbed liner, which means your feet will be kept warm from top to bottom. So, when it is time to step out in icy or snowy weather conditions, this is the right boot for you.

The good thing about this boot is that it is customizable and rebuildable. You can request what you want in these boots, and they will customize everything to the last detail for you. It costs $665 but is worth every penny!

2. Fire Inlander

The J.K. Fire Inlander is a national favorite. It’s created with smooth 8oz premium oil-tanned leather. The boot is made with the highest quality leather materials, with the upper leather being smooth and the lower leather rough.

The boot features triple and quadruple stitching, making it one of the most durable boots you will ever own. The leather material provides maximum arch support, and the boot’s midsole is made with original oak tanned leather.

Many people love this boot because it features high-strength Technora fire resistance of over 9000F. With the shaft height of this boot standing at 10 inches, you are sure to give your feet maximum protection in any area you find yourself. It costs $575.


3. O.T.

O.T. is another fire boot from J.K. The boot is durable, comfortable, and super easy to put on and off. This boot lets you focus on what you love to do while keeping you comfortable. The boot is more flexible and lighter on your feet than other J.K. boots.

Whether hiking in the mountains or the woods, this boot will keep your feet fresh, dry, and comfortable all day. The boot is made with smooth upper leather and rough lower leather. It features genuine oak tanned insole and midsole leather and comes with high-quality brass eyelets alongside a hook combo.

If you are looking for a boot made with genuine leather and an oxford rubber sole that lasts a lifetime, look no further. The boot is made in the USA and costs $4,995.

4. Superduty (Safety Toe)

The Superduty is a superior work boot with an ASTM-rated composite rigid toe. The boot features triple and quadruple stitching, which means better durability. So, if you are looking for a durable boot with traction for all kinds of environments, this is the right boot.

The thread is fire-resistant up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The leather is fantastic, and the insole is balanced because it is professionally cushioned to provide your feet with comfort and stability. The boot is customizable and rebuildable to your taste.

With its 8 inches height, this boot will give you maximum protection. The boot cost $605, but it is worth every penny you spent on it.

The Best Frank’s Boots

1. Lace To Toe

designed to last for many years. The Franks Lace To Toe boot has been around since 2016 and is still trending today. You cannot overlook the quality of the boot. The boot is named lace-to-toe because of its lace-to-toe construction.

This boot is perfect for logging, mechanics, construction, carpentry, and all walks of life. The boot features full grain water resistance leather that is welt together with the upper leather for maximum comfort and durability.

The sole of the boot protects you against rough terrain and heat. The boot is fully rebuildable and reliable. Its arch support and high heel are designed to balance your body weight. It has a tighter fit and better ankle support. It costs $580.


2. Royal Commander Limited Edition

The Royal Commander is a handsome and distinguished hybrid boot with durability and a dress upper. This boot has a honey Vibram outsole and tread that gives you fantastic traction on any terrain.

The boot is fully customizable, rebuildable, and reliable for years of comfort and wear. It features a padded collar, an anti-slip sole, and a dog heel. It is easy to break into as you can wear it out of the box.

This boot is sturdy and will last for many years. It costs $620, but it is worth the price you are paying for it.

3. Fire Commander

If you are a firefighter, Fire Commander is precisely the boot you need. This boot is designed for the demanding conditions of firefighters. The boot is perfect for mechanics, construction, carpentry, logging, and all walks of life.

Featuring 7.5 to 8 oz. of total grain water-resistant leather, this boot is durable, comfortable, and versatile. The arch and high heel support of this boot help your body weight balance and provide maximum comfort.

With a durable sole, this boot is just excellent. The boot is rebuildable, customizable, and resoleable. It costs $545.

4. Type 1 Commander

The Type 1 Commander is a boot designed for maximum comfort and durability. The boot was also scheduled for firefighting and is well suited for logging, mechanics, carpentry, and construction. The good thing about this boot is that it is versatile, and you can wear it for casual occasions.

With this boot, you are protected against the elements wherever you go. Whether you are on an errand, hiking, or anything else you can think of, this boot is the best for you. The leather is whole-grain water-resistant leather.

You can customize this boot to your taste. When you order without customization, the boot costs $545.


Are JK Boots good?

J.K. boots are exceptionally durable and come in a variety of colors. They are also particularly good at keeping feet warm. J.K. boots are also a great option if you are looking for a new pair of boots for winter. With top-quality leather, J.K. boots are one of the best boots you can own.

How Do JK Boots Fit?

When you are buying a J.K. boot, you should size down. The boot is available in both whole and half sizes. “Men should size down by one.” For instance, if your size is originally a size 10, you should size down to a size 9.

Women should size down by 2.5 in J.K. boots. For instance, if you are size 8.5, you should size down to 6. With that, you will have a perfect fit.

Are JK Boots waterproof?

J.K. boots are water repellent but are not waterproof. These boots do not leak but are not waterproof. If you want to make these boots waterproof, you can add some layers of grease to make them completely waterproof.

Who Owns Nick’s Handmade Boots?

Steve Morse is the owner of Nick’s Handmade Boots. The business was known as Nicks Custom Boots before Steve Mowe bought it.

Can You Get Boots Custom Made?

Both JK Boots and Franks Boots make custom boots. If you want to make a custom boot to your spec, you can place an order on either J.K. boots or Franks boots and wait for 30 days. You need to describe what you want, and they will design it for you just the way you want.


It is hard to separate these two companies when it comes to JK Boots vs. Franks Boots. These two companies have been making quality boots for over two decades, and they are still making the best boots despite some other companies making lower-quality boots because of the cost of materials.

The surprising thing about J.K. boots and Franks boots is that they are not receiving as much advertising and hype as other boot companies. Whichever you choose between J.K. boots and Franks boots, you are sure to love the quality of the boots because they can last a lifetime.

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