Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs – How To Fix It?

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

Jibbitz is a small charm that is attached to the pottery using glue. To make your jibbitz stay glued to your crocs, use better glue, scratch the back of the jibbitz with a nail file before attaching it and hold the jibbitz firmly to the crocs for 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, some jibbitz easily fall out of crocs. So, how do you get your jibbitz to stick on your crocs firmly and prevent them from falling off the crocs?

I know you are looking for how to make your jibbitz stick to your crocs better. In this article, you will get to know how to make your jibbitz stick to your crocs and stay that way for a very long time.

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

Why Does Jibbitz Fall Off Crocs

Jibbitz falls out because they are made to be removable so we can keep them on our shoes. That is why there are so many different styles, from tiny little hearts to big, colorful animals.

The Jibbitz is a small rubber or metal piece meant to be inserted into the crocs to give them more charms and make them more pleasing to the eyes. However, it has been found that some Jibbitz is not staying glued to the crocs, and this has caused a lot of concern for people.

Jibbitz was first introduced in 2005 and has become a prevailing fashion trend with many different types of jibbitz available for purchase.

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

How Do You Get Jibbitz To Stay In Crocs?

To get jibbitz to stay on crocs, you should first ensure that the crocs are clean. Then, apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the jibbitz and the croc. Next, carefully press the jibbitz into the crocs for about 30 seconds.

To keep your jibbitz glued to the crocs and prevent them from falling off, clean them thoroughly before applying glue. You can use soap and water to wash the crocs, but rinse them well. After passing the crocs, pat them dry with paper towels.

After cleaning your jibbitz with a paper towel and washing your crocs, follow these steps to glue the two together. For better performance, be sure to get this glue.

Here are the steps to follow to make your jibbitz glue firmly to the crocs:

Step 1: Apply The Glue

Apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the jibbitz and the area to which you want to glue it on the crocs. Make sure not to put too much glue on because too much glue can make your crocs look untidy. Once you have applied the glue, place the jibbitz onto the crocs.

Step 2: Hold The Jibbitz Tight

Hold the jibbitz tight onto the crocs for about 30 seconds to allow them to glue together firmly before releasing your hand.

Step 3: Avoid Washing Crocs With Hot Water

It’s important to wash your Crocs often, but you shouldn’t use hot water. If you use hot water continuously, the jibbitz may fall off the crocs.

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

Jibbitz For Crocs – The Best Jibbitz

Jibbitz is the most popular Crocs charm. They are available in various colors and styles, making them a must-have for any Crocs fan. They make your crocs more charming.

Many people are looking for the best Jibbitz charms for their Crocs. However, it is easy to find the best Jibbitz treats as they come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

There are many different types of jibbitz, and you can shop based on the type, color, and size. If you love charms and want to make your crocs more beautiful, you can try out some of the jibbitz to beautify your crocs.

Best Glue For Crocs Jibbitz

Jibbitz is the latest trend in intelligent accessories that you can use to beautify your crocs. They are a must-have for people who love to add charm to their crocs.

Glue FOR jibbitz allows you to attach jibbitz in seconds with just one finger push. The product is available to make jibbitz stay glued to your crocs. Here are some of the best Glues for jibbitz:

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

1. Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel is one of the best glues on the market. It makes your jibbitz glue firmly to your crocs. This glue is versatile and can bond anything from rubber to leather, ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, and paper.

Specially formulated, this glue is created with increased impact and is one of the best you can find on the market. A pack of it costs $10.76. You will love how good it works.

2. E6000 230010 Craft Adhesive

E6000 230010 Craft Adhesive is another great glue that sticks your jibbitz firmly to your crocs. This glue is compatible with rubber, fabric, plastic, concrete, metal, leather, glass, fiberglass, and wood.

The glue has a temperature resistance feature and is not flammable. It is safe to use it to glue your jibbitz to your crocs. It will work perfectly for you. It costs $9.99.

3. B7000 Jewelry Glue Clear

B7000 Jewelry Glue is a special glue made to meet high-performance industrial standards. This makes it perfect for gluing your jibbitz to your crocs. It works perfectly on rubber, glass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, and fiberglass.

With this glue, you cannot go wrong. It costs $9.99.

4. Instant Professional Grade Glue

Instant Professional Grade Glue was created to fix shoes but it is found to work effectively with jibbitz and crocs. This is not your regular glue but the glue that professionals use. The adhesive is not just excellent but it bonds almost instantly.

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

The good thing about this glue is that it does not dry thick or expand like other types of adhesives. This glue is specially formulated to be used for firm gluing. It costs $14.45.

5. Aleene’s 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive

Aleene’s 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive is an instant adhesive that is perfect for rubber, stones, beads, metal, and glass. It bonds quickly, and it will not run when applied.

When it dries, it is clear, permanent, and strong.


Can You Glue Jibbitz On Crocs?

You can use glue on crocs. Crocs are a favorite shoe of people who like to do a lot of walking. There is a wide selection of styles and colors from which you can choose. But no matter what design you choose, they are all made of the same material – rubber.

The truth is you can glue jibbitz on crocs with the best of them. You will need to find a good glue that can handle the rigors of being used on a shoe. There are many different types of adhesives, but you can choose to use one of the glues mentioned above.

Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs
Jibbitz Falling Out Of Crocs

How Do You Fix A Croc Charm?

Fixing a croc charm is easy. Select the hole you want to put the jibbitz charm put one to two drops of glue on it and slide in the jibbitz. This will make the jibbitz stick to your croc for a long time without falling off.

Though you can slip in the jibbitz in the hole on the croc, adding glue to it will prevent your charm from falling off when you are walking around.

Can You Put Jibbitz On Fuzzy Crocs?

For those with furry Fuzzy Crocs, you can easily snap on a Jibbitz charm with a simple snap clasp. Just as you would with classic Crocs, the fabric inside the fuzzy Crocs has enough space for appeal, so you do not have to worry about getting stuck on anything.

Can You Take Jibbitz Off Crocs?

jibbitz can be removed and re-inserted as you desire, and since crocs are made of a stretchy material, you can stretch the holes to accommodate the Jibbitz charm as you insert them.

The Jibbitz are a comfortable, stylish way to make Crocs easier to put on and remove. Crocs are great shoes, but they can be more beautiful by decorating them with the jibbitz charm. The Jibbitz are a new way to make your Crocs more charming.

The Jibbitz are made to go over the Crocs holes by expanding the holes to allow Jibbitz in. Placing the charms inside the holes will prevent them from falling quickly. 

Do Crocs Come With Jibbitz?

No, crocs do not come with jibbitz. You have to buy jibbitz separately and affix it to your crocs. Jibbitz comes in different colors, styles, and sizes, and you have to buy the one you love and connect it to your croc.

They are made from rubber and plastic, which is why they are so durable.

Can You Use Hot Glue On Crocs?

Yes, you can use hot glue on crocs. While hot glue can tolerate more flexing, it degrades over time. However, if you are looking for a suitable glue to use on your croc, you can try the adhesives listed above. They are some of the best and safe glues on the market.

How to clean jibbitz?

To clean your jibbitz, remove them from the crock and wash them. Soak them in warm water with soap for about five minutes, and then gently scrub debris and dirt with an old toothbrush. After cleaning them thoroughly, rinse them and dry them with a paper towel or air.

How To Clean Stained Crocs?

To clean a stained croc, properly rinse your stained crocs with normal water. After that, it is time for proper cleaning. In a bucket, combine warm water and mild soap and soak your croc in the solution for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Please take out the crocs and scrub them thoroughly, ensuring that you remove all dirt and grim. Once you have done that, rinse the crocs thoroughly under running water and then leave them to dry in the air, not under the sun.

You can also sprinkle baking soda on your croc and leave it overnight. When you wake up, brush off the baking soda, and your croc will be sparkling clean and smell nice.

How To Fix Broken Jibbitz?

Fixing your broken jibbitz is not tricky. If your jibbitz is broken, you can fix it with glue. Clean the charm by washing it and allowing it to dry. Then apply a small amount of glue to the broken part and stick the damaged pieces together.

What Is Jibbitz Used For?

Jibbitz is used to decorate sandals. Clogs and shoes. They are charm accessories customized to fit into crocs. Some kids use them to decorate their rooms. However, adults usually use jibbitz to add beauty to their crocs.

Where To Buy Jibbitz?

Jibbitz is not only available for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer (crocs.com) but is also available in some of the local stores. You can buy online if you want to save yourself from the stress of searching for your favorite jibbitz in the local stores.

Amazon is one of the most significant websites where you can buy these charms. You can also buy them on Etsy and eBay. They are also available on AliExpress and Walmart. Those are some of the most trusted online websites where you can purchase jibbitz.


While jibbitz charms are so beautiful and can add style to your crocs, there have been complaints of jibbitz falling out of crocs. Some people have bought many of them and lost them because the charms will not stop falling off the crocs. Fixing this is easy.

To fix the problem of jibbitz falling out of crocs, you can use quality glue to keep them firmly in place. No one wants to waste money by buying and losing charms. You can protect your investment by using a suitable adhesive to affix your jibbitz.

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