Dr. Martens Cracked Leather [How To Prevent And Fix It]?

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

Dr. Marten’s crack leather is not in any way pleasant to see. Leather is a durable material, but it can still develop cracks and creases. These cracks are not a good sign for your leather as they can lead to tearing and, in the worst cases, irreparable damage.

There are many reasons for cracked leather, including too much moisture or dryness, improper storage, or using the wrong cleaning products. Regardless of the cause, there are many ways to fix your cracked leather, including Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam and liquid leather.

When the leather of your Dr. Martens shoes starts to crack, it is best to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further damage and extend its life span. This article will teach you the easiest way to improve your cracked Dr. Martens cracked leather. Read on.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

Do Dr. Martens Boot Leather Crack

Dr. Marten’s boots are known for their durability, but it’s not just because of the quality of the materials. The company has a long history of using only the highest-quality leathers, and they’ve been using them for over 100 years! The original Dr. Martens boot was made from oiled leather, which is what gives it that classic look and feel.

Dr. Martens are known for their durability, so it’s no surprise that the leather used in their boots is also durable. However, like any leather product, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your Dr. Martens boot leather will last as long as possible.

Oiled leather is known as “full grain” leather because it’s not just smooth and shiny; it has the look of an animal’s skin or hide when you look at it up close. Full grain means that there are no defects in the surface of the material, which means that it can have marks or scars on its surface — like this tan leather boot worn by a guy in my neighborhood.

However, you must first know the causes of Dr. Martens’ cracked leather.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

Why Doc Martens Leather Cracks?

There are many reasons why Dr. Marten’s leather cracks. It is essential to know why the leather of Doc Martens cracks to prevent damage at least. Here are the reasons for Dr. Martens’ cracked leather:

1. The dye used to make the leather may have reacted with the material, causing it to crack and peel off.

This is most likely due to a high-quality dye and leather combination that is not suited for each other. The reaction caused by the paint and the material will cause a chemical change in the surface of the leather, ultimately causing it to weaken and peel off.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

2. Improper Storage of Dr. Martens Shoes Causes Leather Cracks

Dr. Marten’s shoes are famous for their durability and high-quality leather. However, improper storage causes leather to crack because the leather is not properly conditioned or cared for over time.

Store Dr. Marten’s shoes on a hard wooden surface such as a shoe rack or wood floor, not on carpeting or napkins.

3. Too Much Moisture Or Dryness 

Dr. Martens are popular boots in the fashion world. They look great, but they can be problematic if you do not care for them. Moisture and dryness can lead to cracking on the boot’s leather surface.

Dr. Martens recommends that customers spray a leather protector on their boots to keep them looking new and avoid cracking.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

4. Wrong Cleaning Products Causes Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

Unfortunately, it is not just the stress of walking that can lead to damage to Dr. Marten’s shoes.

Unexpected exposure to certain chemicals, such as those found in shoe care products, can also cause cracking and peeling of the leather of Dr. Marten’s shoes. Unhealthy shoe care products can cause damage to your Dr. Martens.

5. You Bought The Wrong Size

Dr. Martens are a type of shoe known for its durability, but if they fit too tightly on your foot, it can cause the shoe to crack. These shoes are made from a rigid material and can wear down over time.

This is especially true if you are over-stretching the shoe to fit your foot inside. Also, if you bought a Dr. Martens shoe that is too big for you, cracks will soon set in due to too many spaces in the boot when you wear it.

How To Fix Dr. Martens’ Cracked Leather

Many people are looking for ways to repair their cracked Dr. Martens leather. The process is not always easy and can sometimes be frustrating. However, you can do it with some know-how and patience.

Let me show you how to fix the most common problems with your Dr. Martens boots. Here are some of the best ways to improve your Doc Martens’ cracked leather:

1. Use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam

If your shoes are in serious need of a fix, Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam can help. This product can restore leather that has been cracked and dried through time to its original state.

It is a natural formula made from beeswax and turpentine, penetrating deep into the leather to repair and provide the necessary protection for an extended period.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

To use Dr. Martens, Wonder Balsam, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Clean the boot with a clean cloth. You may use a damp cloth so that it can clean the shoe very well. You have to clean it properly to remove dirt and debris. Remove any dirt on the leather so you can see all the cracks.

Step 2:

Fill the shoe with old newspaper to bring it to its standard shape. If you cannot find old newspapers, you can also fill them with toilet paper or socks. Just make sure that the common form of the shoe is maintained.

Step 3:

Use Dr. Martens’ wonder balsam to fill the crack. Take the sponge that came with the wonder balsam and lightly dip it into the wonder balsam. Apply it to the damage generously, using circular movements. Make sure the balsam covers the cracks.

Step 4:

Leave the balm to work wonders for about ten to twenty minutes. After the balm has worked wonders, you can remove the excess. If there are places where the balsam is in excess, you can use a clean, soft polishing cloth to remove the excess polish.

Step 5:

Your shoes are ready and back to normal. You can wear the boots now.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

2. Use Liquid Leather

Leather is durable and can last for years if taken care of properly. If your Doc Martens boot cracks, you do not need to replace the leather.

Liquid leather is an oil-based product that will restore the original look of your shoe. It is also available for furniture, car seats, or other leather products.

Here is how to restore your Dr. Martens cracked leather with liquid leather:

Step 1:

Choose a quality liquid leather.

Step 2:

Clean the shoe and rid it of dirt and grime. You can use a soft cloth to clean the boot or a soft, damp cloth to clean the boot. Be sure to thoroughly clean the shoe so that you can easily see all areas affected by cracks.

After cleaning it with a soft, damp cloth, use a bristled brush with mild soap to give the cracked surfaces a deeper clean.

Step 2:

Test the liquid leather over a small area and see how it reacts. If there is no bad reaction, apply the liquid leather over all the cracks using a bristle brush and use the brush to smooth it over the cracks. You can use your finger, a sponge, or the back of a spoon to smooth it further.

Continue to smooth it until the crack is less visible. Allow the leather to absorb the liquid leather and wipe off the excess liquid leather. Leave the shoes to dry naturally. If any product is still visible, reapply some of the product over it. Allow the shoe to dry overnight wholly.

Step 3:

Your shoes are ready. Be sure to apply Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam to your shoes monthly to keep the leather solid and succulent.

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

3. Use Leather Crack Filler

Leather Crack Filler is a strong adhesive designed to be applied to leather surfaces to fill in any cracks. Crack Filler is available in liquid and cream form and is typically used with a brush or cloth.

Here is how to use it:

Step 1:

Clean the shoe with a leather cleaner or mild soap. Make sure to get rid of any dirt or grime using a sponge or cloth. Test the product on a small shoe area to see if it works perfectly.

Step 2:

Allow the leather to dry overnight and ensure no moisture remains in the leather.

Step 3:

Smoothen the cracked area with sandpaper that is not harsh if the crack is deep. Be gentle on it by not applying too much pressure to avoid wearing the leather down. Stop using sandpaper and wipe off the boot with a soft dry cloth when you get a smooth look.

Step 4:

Apply the leather filler over the cracks and brush it in with a bristle brush so that it can fill the gaps. Make sure the shots are thoroughly sealed. Gently remove the excess with a soft cloth.

Step 5:

Leave the leather to dry for about 6 hours in the open air but not in direct sunlight. 

Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather

4. Take It To A Cobbler

Cracked leather is a common problem for anyone who wears leather shoes. If your Dr. Martens leather has started cracking and you do not want to go through the hassle of repairing it on your own, you can take it to a cobbler to fix it for you.

How Do I Stop My Dr. Martens From Cracking?

This is a question that many people have asked at one point or another. There are several ways to stop the cracking problem and keep your Dr. Martens looking their best. Here are some of the best ways to prevent Dr. Martens from cracking:

  1. Use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam: Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is the solution prepared by Dr. Martens to keep the leather of its shoes healthy, soft, and supple. This balsam will prevent cracking if you apply it to the boot at least once a month. It is the best way to keep your Dr. Martens boots looking new and easy to wear.
  2. Store your leather boots properly: Always avoid storing your leather shoes in overly dry places. When the leather is dehydrated, it will start cracking. That is why you should also avoid storing your leather in hot spots to avoid causing cracks in the leather.
  3. Always clean your leather: Avoid allowing dirt and grim on your leather. Dirt and grime can be the reason for leather cracking. So, avoid them.
  4. Buy the right size: If your leather shoe is too small or too big for your feet, the cracks in your leather will soon start surfacing. So, avoid buying too small or too large Dr. Martens boots.
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather
Dr. Martens Cracked Leather


Can You Fix Dr. Martens Leather?

Yes, you can fix Dr. Marten’s leather. All leathers are bound to crease and crack one day, and when this happens to Dr. Martens leather, you can fix it. There are a few ways to improve it, but the most important thing is that you can prevent damage to Dr. Martens leather by applying Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam.

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is the best cream that will keep your shoes looking new and healthy. However, if your shoe has creases or cracks, you can fix them with:

  • Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam
  • Liquid leather
  • Take it to a cobbler to fix it for you 

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is a highly concentrated and versatile product that offers a variety of benefits for the boot owner. It can be applied to any leather shoe or boot but has been specifically formulated to work on Dr. Marten’s products.

The Wonder Balsam helps you keep the leather of your Dr. Martens shoes soft, supple and healthy. Applying the balsam to your boot once every month will prolong your shoe’s lifespan and keep it looking new for many years to come.

Dr. Martens Patent Leather Cracking

If your Dr. Martens patent leather is cracking, you can fix it with Dr. Martens patent cleaner spray. This spray will fill the crack, and you can shine it with a brush. You can also use the rush to keep your shoes healthy and conditioned.

Doc Martens Cracked Sole

If your Dr. Martens sole is cracked, it can be repaired. You do not want to go through the hassle of repairing the sole by yourself, so it is best to take it to a cobbler. A cobbler will help you return the sole to its original state.


Dr. Marten, cracked leather is not a pleasant thing, but there are ways you can fix the cracks. However, it is always important to prevent cracks and creases by using your Dr. Martens shoes for a long time. Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam and Spray are the best conditioners to avoid damage or crease.

If your Dr. Martens shoes are already cracking, you can bring them back to life by using Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, liquid leather, or just take them to a cobbler to fix the leather for you. But the important thing is to always protect your Dr. Martens shoes with Wonder Balsam and Dr. Martens spray.

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