Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461


Dr. Marten’s 8053 shoes and Dr. Marten’s 1461 shoes look similar, and it is difficult for many people to know the difference between the two iconic shoes by Dr. Martens. That is why we are doing this Dr. Martens 8053 vs. 1461 comparison so that you can understand the differences between the two.

While Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461 low ankle shoes have many things in common, they have a few things that separate them from each other. A few things that separate them include the number of eyelets, the thickness of the sole, the price tag, and ease of break-in.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461. I will compare them based on features, designs, price, availability, and ease of break-in. If you are ready for this, read on.

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461
Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461

Dr. Martens 8053 vs. 1461? The Dr. Martens 8053 shoes and the Dr. Martens 1461 shoes are two Dr. Martens shoes that are remarkably similar. They are both ankle shoes with a round toe and a low-cut vamp. They also have a classic lace-up front.

Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461 shoes are both from the Dr. Martens brand. However, there are a few key differences between these two boots that you should know about.

What Is The Difference Between 1461 And 8053?

Dr. Martens 8053Dr. Martens 1461
FitTrue to size but may feel bigTrue to size.
UtilityDress Dress 
GripExcellent grip and traction.Superior grip and traction.
AvailabilityLimitedMore available
LeatherThick, premium leatherThick, premium leather
soleChunky sole Thinner sole
VarietyLimited optionsAvailable in different types,
Padded AnkleAvailableNot available

Dr. Martens 8053 VS. 1461 Shape

Dr. Martens 8053 Shape

Dr. Martens 8053 is a shoe with a round toe. The shoe is made with Doc Martens’ trademark tough leather and a smooth oily finish. This shoe has 5 eyelets and is double and triple stitched for optimal durability.

This shoe is tricky because its leather is thick, and it will take some time to break it in. The shoe has a padded ankle to protect your ankles from blisters and rubbing. However, the padding does not make it more comfortable because you still need to break it in before you start wearing it all day.

The boot comes with a chunky sole, making the shoe a bit difficult to break in. However, the sole is what makes this shoe loved by many people. If you are looking to add height or you want to grab attention wherever you go, you will love this shoe because of its edgy look.

The Dr. Martens 8053 shoe is also a shoe with Goodyear welt construction, which means your upper leather will not separate from the sole easily. The Goodyear welt construction also means that you can easily resole this shoe.

The shoe has a soft leather insole that will conform to your feet as you break it in. The boots also received Doc Martens’ iconic yellow stitching, and the insole is excellently cushioned to provide you with maximum comfort. The shoe is stable and versatile.


Dr. Martens 1461 Shape

A Doc Martens 1461 is a shoe with a round toe and thick leather. The leather is excellently finished with a shiny look that makes you stand out wherever you are. This shoe comes with just three eyelets, making it easier for you to lace it up, especially when you are in a hurry.

Unlike 8053, this 146 has single and double stitching, which makes little difference. Of course, triple stitching is better. This shoe is superbly finished to deliver the nice look that you want to see in any shoe. With no padded ankle, this shoe is lined with soft leather that will conform to your foot as you break it in.

The sole of Doc Martens 1461 is light and not as thick as the 8053 sole. The sole is more comfortable because it can bend as you walk in your shoe. The sole is made from durable rubber and has the excellent traction and grip you need on any surface.

1461 shoe It has Goodyear welded construction, meaning your upper leather will not separate from the sole anytime soon. This shoe is versatile and can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s the office, a night out, or anything you can think of. It has Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow stitching.

The insole is made of leather and is nicely cushioned to provide optimal comfort as you walk around in the shoe. This shoe is easier to break in than the 8053 because it can bend, unlike 1853.


Dr. Martens 8053 VS 1461 Fit

Dr. Martens 8053 Fit

Like other Doc Martens shoes, the 8053 is true to size. However, since the shoe is made like a boot, it can be roomy, especially for those with narrow feet. Another thing is that Doc Martens shoes do not have half sizes.

So, it would be best if you sized down to the next size in Doc Martens 8053. For instance, if you usually are 7.5, size down to 7. Suppose you have a narrow foot and are a size 7 down to 6. This way, your shoes will be comfortable for you.

Dr. Martens 1461 Fit

The Doc Martens 1461 shoe is true to size. You may want to size down by half in these shoes if your size is in between. For example, if you are 10.5 and Doc Martens shoes have no half sizes, you should size down to 10. 

The best thing is to walk into a store that sells these shoes and try on different sizes to see which one fits you snugly. Make sure to wear socks when testing the shoe if you will be wearing thick socks with your shoes.


Dr. Martens 8053 VS 1461 Pricing Chart

Dr. Marten’s 8053 shoes cost more at $170, while Dr. Marten’s 1461 shoes cost $130. 8053 shoes cost more because of the chunky sole. The surprising thing is that 8053 is not always available on the market because people seem to love it more, and, once it is available, people buy it almost immediately.

People always cue on the line for 8053 because it is unavailable in wide varieties like 1461. If you are shopping for 1461 shoes, they are available in different leather materials and colors. So, you can buy 1461 anytime you want. But you will have to check the site often to know when 8053 will be available.

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461 Sole Comparison

Dr. Marten’s 8053 shoe has a chunky sole and a platform version. If you are looking to add height, 8053 is your go-to shoe. The shoes are dress shoes with an edgy look; when you wear them, you will stand out in the crowd.

On the other hand, Dr. Marten’s 1461 shoes have standard soles that are thinner and lighter. These shoes are perfect for everything from casual dress to business and nights out. The sole is not as heavy, and you can easily break it in than 8053 shoes that have chunky soles that cannot bend.

Both shoes come with a nicely cushioned leather insole. The insole will make walking in the shoes more comfortable. Another great thing about these two shoes is that their soles have an excellent tread that provides you with fantastic traction and grip.


Dr. Martens 8053 vs. 1461 Padding

The Doc Martens 8053 shoe has an ankle padding purposely designed to make the shoe more comfortable for you. However, the padding does not make breaking into the shoe any more comfortable. Though the padding will not allow the edge of the leather to eat into your skin, it does not make it more comfortable.

The Doc Martens 1461 has no padding, but it is a bit more comfortable and breaking into it is easier. The shoe is also not tapered, so it is important to wear socks when you are wearing the shoe to prevent the leather from eating into your skin.

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461 Leather

Both shoes have the same leather upper. The leather is thick, just like the regular Doc Martens boot leather. The good thing is that the leather upper on these two shoes is nicely finished with oil, making them easy to maintain.

The leather material is durable, pleasing to the eye, and easy to care for. You will love these two shoes if you love oily leather with its shiny finish. The quality of the leather is fantastic, and it is held to the sole with Goodyear welt construction.


Dr. Martens 8053 VS. 1461 Availability

Both shoes are available, but Doc Martens 8035 shoes are not always available because they are not available in a variety of leather uppers. If you want to buy the shoes, you must always check the Doc Martens website to see if they are available and order them immediately.

On the other hand, Doc Martens 1461 are always available because they are available in different varieties, colors, and leather types. You can get the shoes on Doc Martens’ website or third-party websites anytime, unlike 8053.

Dr. Martens 8053 Vs. 1461 Pros And Cons

Dr. Martens 8053 Pros And Cons

Top-quality leather upperHeavy
quality rubber sole.Expensive
True to size.Difficult to break in
Goodyear Welt construction
Cushioned insole
Amazing traction
Padded ankle

Dr. Martens 1461 Pros And Cons

Top-quality leather upperBreak in period
quality rubber sole.No ankle padding.
True to size.
Goodyear Welt construction
Cushioned insole
Amazing traction

Which Shoe Is Easier To Break In?

The Doc Martens 1461 shoe is easier to break in than the Doc Martens 8053. 1461 is easier to break in because the sole is not chunky and can bend. So, you can easily break in Dr. Martens 1461. If you take your time to die in the shoe, it will not take a long time to break in.

Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain?

Both Dr. Martens 8053 and 1461 shoes are effortless to maintain. The leather of the two shoes is shining leather and can be supported by using Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam on your boots occasionally. This Wonder Balsam will condition your shoe and make it last longer.


Which Boot is Better for Different Activities?

The Dr. Martens 1461 shoe is better for different activities because you can wear it to the office and anywhere you want. Dr. Martens 8053 has a chunky sole, and you may not be able to wear it all day like you can wear 1461 all day. 

Are Dr. Martens 8053 Shoes Worth the Money?

Yes, Dr. Marten’s 8053 shoes are worth the money. These shoes are made with a quality leather upper and sole. This shoe is perfect for you if you love chunky soles that can add to your height. It is worth the money you paid for it.

Are 1461 Shoes Worth the Money?

Yes, Dr. Marten’s 1461 shoes are worth the money. The shoe is comfortable and not difficult to break in. The boots come with a top-quality leather upper and an excellent rubber sole. It is versatile as you can wear the shoes on any occasion.


Are Doc Martens 8053 comfortable?

Yes and no. The sole of Dr. Martens 8053 is thick, making it difficult to wear all day. The sole does not bend, and it can be challenging to enjoy wearing it all day. It is also difficult to break in, and the padded ankle does not improve the shoe.

Which Pair Of Doc Martens Are The Most Popular?

Dr. Martens 1460 is the most popular Doc Martens shoe because it was the first shoe released by Doc Martens. However, you had to earn comfort in 1460. The boots are difficult to break in, but with patience, you can break them in without problems.



When it comes to Dr. Martens 8053 vs. 1461, you can quickly identify them with their soles. While the sole of Doc Martens 8053 is chunky, the sole of Doc Martens 1461 is thinner. The two versions of Doc Martens shoes have pros and cons, which can make it easy for you to choose the right one.

If you enjoy thicker soles because they are edgier, Dr. Martens 8053 is your go-to, but you should remember that breaking into the shoe is more difficult because the sole will not bend. If you are looking for a versatile shoe, the Dr. Martens 1461 is your go-to, and it is easier to break in.

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