Do Air Force Sneakers Crease?

Creased Air Forces

Yes, Air Force sneakers will crease after years of constant use, Creased Air Forces are unavoidable if you intend on walking and running in your Air Forces, as all natural movements of your feet bend your shoe, thereby causing it to crease. 

In this post, I will list and explain what causes creased Air Forces, how to prevent them, and how to get creases out of your Nike Air Forces. If you are ready to make your Air Force shoes look new again, stick around and read this blog to the end.

Nike Air Force sneakers are great summer shoes because they are light, sporty and stylish. However, they also have a downside that you may not like. They are prone to creases. This can be a problem if you want to wear them out of the house or you want to pack them for traveling.

If you have seen creased Air Forces, you know that the look is not decent. A lot of things such as the way you lace them can cause your Nike Air Force to crease but there are ways to prevent creases and ways to get creases out of your Nike Air Force.

Why Do Nike Air Force Sneakers Crease?

Nike Airforce sneakers crease from age and use. They are one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world with their sleek look and soft feel. Over a period of usage, you’re going to notice some creases. When you buy a Nike Air Force, you expect it to last you for years.

A crease in your Nike Airforce sneakers can ruin your day. The good news is that you can easily stop these creases. If you are wondering how to stop these creases, there are a few ways you can do it. But before we get to how to stop your Air Force from creasing, let us look at the causes of these creases.

Creased Air Forces

Causes Of Creased Air Forces

The causes of creased air forces are many, and some are more common than others. Here are some of the causes:

1. Your Nike Air Force Is Oversize

There are many reasons why the Air Force will crease easily. The first thing that causes a crease in Nike Air Force is getting the wrong size. If you get an oversized Nike Air Force, your sneaker is bound to crease quickly.

Nike Air Forces are roomy and the best way to get a perfect fit size is to buy your Air Force half size down. I mean you should size down by half because the shoe is naturally roomy. For example, if you wear a size 10, you should size down to a size 9.5.

If your sneakers are too big and there are spaces in your shoes when you wear them, the sneakers will crease quickly and you may not like them. Though some people do not care about those creases, many people hate seeing creases on their shoes.

2. You Wear Your Nike Air Forces

If you wear your Nike Air Forces, they will crease. The best way to not crease your sneaker is to buy them and store them somewhere safe. Do not wear them and you will be happy to see them every day looking new.

What I am saying here is that, if you wear your sneakers, they will crease at a certain point except you prevent the creases from happening, which I will tell you how to do later in this blog. As long as your toes are bent in the sneakers, the sneakers will bend with your toes and creases will appear.

Creased Air Forces

3. Nike Air Forces Are Made Of Leather

Any shoe made of leather will crease and if not taken care of properly, will crack. Nike Air Forces are made of leather upper and since any leather is bound to crease as your toes bend when you walk in the shoes, they will surely crease.

How Do You Fix Creased Air Forces? 

Nike Air Forces are one of the most popular shoes in the world. They are durable, comfortable and stylish. However, creases will inevitably form on your Nike Air Forces over time. Here are some of the best ways to keep creases out of your Nike Air Forces:

1. Get The Right Size

Getting the right size is the most important way to keep creases out of your shoes. Even if you use all the preventive methods on your oversized sneaker, the shoe will still crease. If your sneaker is oversized, you should return it and get the right size.

Air Forces from Nike are roomy, so you need to size down by half from your normal sneaker size. It means that if you normally use size 8.5, size down to 8 for a snug fit Nike Air Force. If you get the right size, ceasing will be minimal and you can even prevent creases easily.

Creased Air Forces

2. Iron Your Nike Air Forces

Hold on! Before you start ironing your shoe directly, there is something you should know. To make this trick work, you will need an iron, old socks or a paper towel or old newspapers, water and a towel of the same color as your Air Force. If you have gotten all that, let us get the crease out of your sneakers.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Insert old socks

The first thing is to insert some of your socks into the sneaker. If you do not have as many socks that can bring out the normal shape of the sneaker, you can use a paper towel or old newspaper. Insert some of it inside the sneakers and make sure the shape of the shoe is normal like when it was new.

Step 2: Plug your iron

Now is the time to plug your iron and make sure the iron temperature is at the cotton level. Turn the iron to 60–80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Dampen the towel

This is the time to dampen your towel. Note: if your Air Force is white, the towel must be white. In short, the color of the towel must match the color of the sneaker. If you do not have a towel that is the same color as your shoe, you can use your cotton cloth with the same color as your shoe.

Insert the towel in water or run water on the towel and then wring out excess water. You only need to dampen the towel, so make sure to wring out water from the towel.

Step 4: Iron Your Sneaker

Take the dampened towel and place it on the creased part of the sneaker. Iron the towel placed on the creased areas in circular form and make sure to not stay in one area for long. If the towel is dry, place the other part that is dampened on the creased area and continue ironing until the creases are gone.

But Make sure to Place the towel on the creased area and old the towel at the bottom of the shoe while ironing. Be sure to wet the towel again if it gets dried as you iron the shoe because the moisture from the towel is what is needed to get creases out.

Repeat the same process on all creased parts of your sneaker and do the same to the second sneaker and you will be happy to see the creases are gone.

Step 5: Allow the sneakers to cool

After completing the ironing of the creased areas, you should allow them to cool. Leave the socks or paper towel or the old newspaper inserted in the shoe to keep the shape until the sneaker is cooled. If you are not ready to wear the Air Force, you can leave the insert inside until you are ready to wear them.

Creased Air Forces

3. Blow Drying

Using a blow-dryer is another way to remove creases from your Air Forces. Before you start using a blow dryer, insert a shoe tree or paper towel or old newspaper or socks inside the shoe to shape it in the normal way it used to be when it was new. Then follow this process:

  • Turn the bow dryer on and put it at low heating
  • Hold the blow dryer at about 8 to 10 inches away from your Air Force sneaker
  • Hold the dryer above all the areas that are creased a few times and set the dryer down
  • Use your finger to tub the warm leather against the insert. Do this until the creases are gone
  • Repeat the same process on the second shoe.

Leave the shoe tree or the paper insert in the shoe until the shoe cools. You can condition your shoe after this process.

4. Condition Your Nike Air Forces

If you do not like to use heat on your sneaker, you can use conditioning products to get creases out. There are many leather conditioners and oils out there and you should use the one recommended by your shoe manufacturer.

If you are not sure of the leather conditioner or oil you want to use on your Nike Air Force, you can test it on a small area and see how it reacts. If it works well on the shoe, then apply it to them. Make sure the conditioner or oil is not discoloring your shoe.

Apply the conditioner or oil to the entire sneaker, spending more time on the creased areas. Massage the conditioner or oil properly on the creased area and once you are done, insert a shoe tree or socks or a paper towel or old newspaper to keep the shape.

Creased Air Forces

How To Prevent Creases In Nike Air Forces? Watch Video

They say prevention is better than cure. There are many ways to prevent creases from grazing the surface of your sneakers. Usually, the first way to prevent creases is to buy the right size so that there is no extra room in your shoes when you wear them.

Here are other ways to prevent creases:

1. Paper Towel Insert

One of the best ways to prevent your sneakers from creasing is to insert paper towels or socks or old newspapers in them when you are not wearing them. Once you return from work or where you wore your sneakers, insert a paper towel or socks or old newspapers in them.

The papers will help you keep the shape of your shoe while also keeping out creases. Make sure the paper or the socks reach the toe of the shoe so that it can help keep the shape.

2. Insert A Shoe Tree

Inserting a shoe tree in your sneakers is another way you can keep creases out of your shoes. There are different kinds of shoe trees out there and you can get the one you like but cedar shoe trees are good because they will also make your shoe smell nicely.

Whichever shoe tree you get, insert it into your sneakers when you return from outside to keep the shape of the shoe. Most shoe trees will not fill the toe area of the shoe properly, so you can add a few old newspapers or paper towels in that area for the shape to form properly.

Creased Air Forces

3. Wear double socks

If you still have a bit of room in your shoe after wearing thick socks with it, try to double the socks. This will help fill the extra room in the shoe while also preventing creases.

4. Lace Your Air Force Low

Lace your shoes low by placing them over and not under. When you get to the last two eyelets, lace the second to the last eyelet over and leave the last eyelet. Then place a few socks on the footbed of the shoe and put the shoe on like that. The socks will help fill the extra room in the shoe.

5. Rotate Your Sneakers

It is only good to have two or more sneakers that you can rotate. If you continue to wear only one sneaker all the time, creases will eventually start to appear. If you want to prevent creases, buy more than one sneaker and rotate them.

Creased Air Forces


Is There A Way To Get Creases Out Of Air Force Ones?

There are many ways to fix creased Air Forces. Some of the best ways to fix creased Air Forces include:

  • Get the right size
  • Use an iron and damp washcloth
  • Use conditioner or oil
  • Use blow drying

How Do You Uncrease Air Force 1 Without An Iron?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Wet a towel of the same color as your sneaker and heat it in your microwave until it is steaming. Then take the steaming towel and rub it on the creased parts of your sneaker. Repeat the process until all the creases are out.
  2. Use leather conditioner or oil. Before you apply leather conditioner or oil to your sneaker, insert a shoe tree and test the oil or conditioner in a small area of the sneaker to ensure it is not discoloring your shoe. If it is not discoloring the shoe, rub it on the whole sneaker, concentrating on the creased areas.


It is inevitable that your Air Forces will crease because they are made of leather upper. If you are looking for how to uncrease creased Air Forces, there are a few ways to do that. From steaming them to ironing them and conditioning them, you can uncrease your creased Air Forces shoes.

Also, there are ways to prevent creases. You should get more than a sneaker and rotate them. You should also make it a habit to insert shoe trees in your sneakers when you are not wearing them. The most important thing is to get the right size and you will not have to deal with creases always.

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