Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

The primary distinction between the regular Converse and the wide-width model is that Converse’s wide-foot model is approximately 15 mm larger, making it ideal for people with wide feet. Stick to regular Converse if you have a narrow foot, or your shoe will be too big.

Wide width vs. regular width? Many people have questioned whether the wider widths are worthwhile. Yes, the answer is yes. Wide widths are worth it if you have wide feet because they are more comfortable.

In this blog post, I will compare and contrast Converse’s wide width and regular width. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing each of these shoes. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Converse wide vs regular.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular
Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Converse wide-width sneakers are among the most versatile sneakers for men and women with wide feet. Wide-width Converse sneakers are very similar to regular Converse sneakers but have a wider toe box to accommodate your wide foot.

Converse sneakers with a wide width provide room for the toes and can be worn with socks to keep warm. Converse shoes, on the other hand, are typically narrow and are ideal for people with narrow feet.

For the stylish converse sneaker lover, both wide-width and regular converse sneakers are versatile and fashionable options.

People with wide feet used to have to size up before Converse wide-width shoes were released, but now everyone can get the right size of Converse sneakers.

If you do not require a wide width, it is pointless to purchase them because they will be too large and your feet will slip out of them.

People with narrow feet should wear the regular width converse. They’ll be more comfortable to wear, and your foot won’t slip out as easily as it would in a wider shoe.

The good thing about converse is that if you buy the wrong size of the sneaker, you can easily return it for a refund or exchange it for another size. The return policy of Converse seems to be the most flexible, so you do not need to panic if you mistakenly ordered the wrong size.

Converse Wide Review

The converse brand has been around for a long time. The company has created a wide range of sneakers. They were once known for their Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but they are now better known for their Converse sneakers.

Converse’s wide-width production was created in response to a customer’s request for something more comfortable. Converse has been releasing some of its shoes in a wide width to help people get a better fit and a more comfortable sneaker.

The wide-width Converse is approximately 15 millimeters wider at the ball and instep and 6 millimeters wider at the bottom than the regular Converse, making it more comfortable for people with wide feet.

You may recall that the regular Converse is more narrow and thus better suited to those with narrow feet.

People with wide feet can now rejoice because more comfortable Converse shoes are now available. The wide width of Converse provides more space and an incredible level of comfort.

The inconvenience of sizing up has now been reduced. People with narrow feet, on the other hand, can get the wide-width converse if they also need more room for their toes to wiggle around.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Converse Regular Review

The Converse Regular is a well-known and popular shoe. It has been released in a variety of colors and styles over the years, but it has managed to remain fashionable. The first Converse shoes to be released were the regulars.

Converse shoes are affordable, and comfortable, and come in a variety of styles. Let us investigate why they are so popular! Converse shoes are well-known for their durability and comfort.

Because they were designed for basketball players, the shoes provide solid support and stability, as well as a grip on the court that allows you to stay in control of your game. Converse sneakers are not only found on the feet of athletes, but they have also gained popularity among non-athletes

Converse shoes have long been a favorite of athletes, but they may not be the best option for everyone. Converse shoes are a stylish and comfortable option, but they are a little narrow. That is why many customers, particularly those with wide feet, are complaining.

Because the shoe fits narrowly, most people with wide feet must size up to make it more comfortable. Many people with flat feet, in fact, cannot wear regular Converse because their feet do not have enough room to spread properly.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Can People With Regular Feet Wear Wide Width Converse?

The wide-width converse is designed for people with wide feet. These shoes are made to fit feet that are wider than the average shoe size. You may prefer to wear the wide-width converse for added comfort.

In fact, some people who previously wore size 10 Converse have tried a size 9.5 wide. They said it was a perfect fit. This means that even if you have normal feet, you can try the wide-width version. Here are some more reasons why you should try the wide-width version of Converse shoes:

  • You may have a high arch.
  • You may have fat or bunions on your feet.
  • Your ankles may be swollen from injury or pregnancy.
  • You may need to accommodate orthopedic inserts, such as those for bunions, or other foot problems.
  • You might be overweight and want more space in your shoes to accommodate your weight and avoid chafing or rubbing against the sides of the shoe.
  • Your feet might just be naturally wider than average due to genetics, hormones, or even just because you wear a different size in your shoes than you do in your everyday life.

Converse Wide Fit.

Converse wide fit is a new shoe line introduced by Converse to accommodate people with wider feet. These shoes have extra width around the toes and through the heel area, and they are available in all previous designs.

Because of the extra room, the Converse wide fits wider feet better than the regular Converse. So, if you have a wide foot, you no longer need to size up in regular Converse. Simply purchase the wide width of your size, and the shoe should fit fine.

If you normally wear a size 10, you should wear a size 9.5 in the Converse wide width. So, if you’re already used to wearing regular Converse, there’s no reason to buy wide again. However, if you want to try a wide width, size down by half and you should be fine.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Is The Toe Box Of Regular Converse The Same As The Wide Width?

The toe box of regular Converse is not the same as the toe box of wide-width Converse. The toe box of a wide-width shoe is larger. The wider the shoe, the more room your toes have to move around. A wide-width shoe has a wider toe box, which provides more comfort than a regular converse.

The newly designed wide width changed every aspect of the shoe, including the toe box, making the Converse more suitable and comfortable for people with wide feet. People with narrow feet who want more comfort in the sneaker’s toe area can also choose the wide width.

While the wide width may not be ideal for people with wide feet, the shoe is more comfortable as a result of the extra room. So, if you have wide feet, wide width is your best bet.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Is There A Visible Difference Between The Wide Width And Regular Converse?

Both regular and wide-width Converse are available on the market. The difference between the two is that the regular converse is narrower and the wide-width converse is wider.

Each of these shoes has advantages and disadvantages. The standard Converse sole is generally narrow, but the wide-width sole is wider, providing more comfort and space for your feet to distribute properly.

Wide Width Converse also provides more foot support, which is especially important for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis or other foot problems. If you get blisters from regular converse because of the narrower fit, wide-width converse should help you solve that problem.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular

Are Wide Width Converse Comfortable?

Wide-width converse shoes are very comfortable, and they, like regular converse, come in a variety of designs and colors.

Wide-width converse shoes aren’t just for people with wide feet. People with narrow feet who want to be more comfortable can also wear them. One of the reasons these shoes are so popular is that they are more comfortable. Your toes will have more room to wiggle if you have wide feet.

Furthermore, wide-width converse allows your feet to distribute properly, preventing pain in your foot or heel.

Converse Wide Width vs. Regular


How Much Wider Is Converse Wide Width?

The Converse shoe has a wide width of approximately 15 mm at the ball and instep and 6 mm at the bottom width. Converse shoes in wide width are wider than standard width shoes.

Wider widths provide more volume and a broader platform. This is a significant design change made to accommodate the growing number of people who wear Converse shoes.

What Is The Difference Between Wide And Normal Converse?

The width of a shoe is referred to as “wide.” This is the distance between the widest and narrowest point of the shoe. Wide width differs from standard width in that it allows for more space for feet to be comfortable. Converse wide width will be more comfortable than regular Converse if you have a wide foot.

Should You Get Wide Converse?

Yes, if you want more comfort, you should get wide sneakers. It is critical to consider whether or not you are receiving wide converses. If you do not, you may be missing out on additional comfort. If you have wide feet, a wider width will be more comfortable for your feet.

Even if your foot is narrow but needs more room in the toe area to allow your toe to wiggle around and let your weight distribute properly, you can get a conversely wide width. 

What Size Converse Should I Get For Wide Feet?

Converse used to come in regular sizes that were narrow, so you had to size up by a half or one, but now they make wide-width converse that are more comfortable for those with wide feet. If you have wide feet, you should get your true size in Converse wide width.

Are Men’s Converse Wider?

The inverse is true. The shoe fits true to size for men, but women should size down by half. Converse has produced a wide-width version of the shoe because the shoe is narrow. You can try converse wide width if you want your toes to be more comfortable and have more room to wiggle.

Are Converse OK For Wide Feet?

Converse are suitable for people with wide feet. The good news is that Converse has created a wide-width version of their shoes that people with wide feet can wear comfortably. If your feet are wide, you should try converse wide.


Converse wide width vs regular is a debate that started when Converse wide width shoes were released. Both fits are good but wide width provides people with wide feet the opportunity to be more comfortable.

The wide width is about 15mm roomier than the regular converse. If you have wide feet or you want to be more comfortable in your Converse, wide width is a good option. Also, if you are already comfortable in your regular sneakers, you do not need to worry about getting the wide width anymore.

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