Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Suppose you’re considering Birkenstock leather vs. suede. In that case, it’s important to know that suede material provides comfort. However, when it comes to durability, Birkenstock leather is king. Below are other things you should know.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede? If you are in the market for a new pair of Birkenstocks, you may be wondering whether to choose leather or suede. Both materials have unique benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to know the difference before making your purchase.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Leather Birkenstocks are more expensive than their suede counterparts but are also more durable and tend to last longer. On the other hand, Suede Birkenstocks are more comfortable and have a softer feel. However, they are less durable than leather and more susceptible to stains.

To help you make the right decision, we have put together a brief comparison of Birkenstock leather vs. suede. We will compare and contrast these two materials, so you can make an informed decision when you purchase your next pair of Birkenstocks. Keep reading to learn more!

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

The debate of Birkenstocks leather vs. suede has been heated in recent years. Some people swear by the look and durability of Birkenstock leather. In contrast, others find suede to be more stylish and versatile. So, which is the better material?

Birkenstock leather vs. suede

There are a few key differences between leather and suede. Leather is more durable and resistant to water. At the same time, suede is more breathable and tends to be more comfortable in hot weather.

Suede is also more susceptible to stains, so the leather is the way to go if you are planning to wear your Birkenstocks in the rain or muddy conditions.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for a more durable and water-resistant option, leather is the way to go. However, suede is the better choice if you are looking for a more comfortable and stylish option.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Main Differences

Cost$90 to $270$99 to $215
DurabilityMore durableDurable 
VarietyAvailable in different varietiesAvailable in different varieties
AvailabilityAlways available, and if it is out of stock, Birkenstocks quickly restock.Always available in-store in different varieties.
AppearanceShiny textureBrushed texture
Comfort Comfortable after a break inBreak in out of the box and exceptionally comfortable
MaintenanceEasier to maintainEasy to maintain
BestsellerOswego, Arizona, and BostonBuckley Shearling, Boston, and Arizona
Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede
Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Appearance

When it comes to appearance, leather will always excel because of its sleek look. However, both leather and suede look really great, so it is all about your choice. Most people will go for suede because of its comfort out of the box.

Other people will love to choose leather because of its durability and classic look. While leather cannot be much affected by water, suede can look ugly with a few water drops. Leather is also easier to maintain and clean than suede, but suede brings out-of-the-box comfort at least. 

The Durability Of Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

There are many factors to consider when choosing between leather and suede. Suede is often more affordable than leather, but it does not stand up to leather regarding wear and tear. Leather, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it is also more durable. So, which one is right for you?

Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each material:


  1. More expensive than suede
  2. More durable than suede
  3. Resists staining and water damage better than suede


  1. Often more affordable than leather
  2. Not as durable as the leather
  3. It can be stained and damaged by water much more easily than leather

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Availability

Birkenstock Leather and Suede items are both popular among consumers. While Birkenstock offers a wide variety of colors and styles for both leather and suede options, there are sometimes differences in availability between the two materials.

Some consumers prefer the look and feel of leather, while others prefer the softer feel of suede. Birkenstock offers a wide variety of colors and styles for both materials, so there is something for everyone.

Both leather and suede are always available in stock, so you will get the right Birkenstock sandal of your choice anytime you wish to get one.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Comfort

Regarding comfortability, there is no doubt that Birkenstock suede excels. Suede is more comfortable as you do not need a long break-in period to start wearing it for a longer time. So, you can wear Birkenstock suede out of the box comfortably.

Birkenstock leather is not as easier to break in as suede. However, once you break into it, it becomes very comfortable. So, it would be best if you took the time to break it into Birkenstock leather to make it more comfortable.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Variety

Birkenstock has a lot of leather and suede shoes for both men and women. These sandals are available in different colors and sizes as well as designs. This allows you to choose what you like. With both Birkenstock suede and leather sandals, you have enormous choices.

In fact, both leather and suede are available for young ones too. The good thing is that these sandals never go out of stock. Birkenstock always restocks quickly once the sandals are about to go out of stock. There are more than 400 leather sandals for women with different designs and colors.

Also, about 170 kinds of Birkenstocks are made of suede for women. For men, there are over 400 leather Birkenstock with different designs, sizes, and colors, and the sued Birkenstock are over 170. So, you have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Price Comparison Chart

Birkenstock suede sandals are not as expensive as Birkenstock leather sandals. Birkenstock suede sandals can cost between $99 and $215. They are also available in different styles and colors, and you are sure to get the right size for you.

While both Birkenstock leather and suede can be expensive, Birkenstock leather costs between $90 and $270. Birkenstock leather is available for kids, youths, and adults. Since they are available in different colors and designs, there is something for everyone.

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede Best-Selling Shoes

Two of the Birkenstock shoes are the most sought-after. They are Boston and Arizona soft-footbed shoes. They are the people’s favorite because the two are highly comfortable and provide excellent support for the foot.

Oswego is another great Birkenstock leather shoe you can try. Buckley Shearling is also a unique Birkenstock suede shoe that you should also try because it is also fantastic and loved by many people.

Birkenstock Oiled Leather Vs. Suede

Birkenstock suede is good, but when it comes to holding the shape together, Birkenstock oiled leather holds its shape very well under all kinds of conditions. Oiled leather is also more durable than suede. However, suede is also easy to break in right out of the box and looks gorgeous too.

Also, when the climate is warm, suede is the best because it is more breathable than oiled leather. Oiled leather is also better in the winter because it provides warmth, and you can easily pair a pair of socks with it.

Oiled leather is also easier to maintain than suede. You will need to maintain suede more because it easily gets dirty, but you do not need a lot of maintenance for oiled leather. Even if your oiled leather is dirty, it is easy to clean.

Birkenstock Oiled Leather Vs. Nubuck

When it comes to durability, oiled leather is better than Nubuck. Oiled leather is made from the toughest part of the animal skin, making it more durable and taking more time to break in. Oiled leather does not get scratched easily like Nubuck.

While Nubuck is beautiful, it can get scratched easily. When it comes to maintenance, you have to pay more attention to nubuck than oiled leather. With oiled leather, you can clean it with a damp cloth, and you are ready to go. With Nubuck, you have to pay more attention as you clean it.

Birkenstock Vegan Vs. Leather

Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede

Vegan leather is known for being easy to wear out of the box. However, Birkenstock vegan shoes are lined with synthetic rather than leather. But that does not affect the comfort of the shoes. On the other hand, leather is known to be always tough to break in.

Birkenstock leather shoes are always more durable, and when they conform to your feet, they will stay that way forever. Leather does not overstretch and is always easy to maintain. Vegan does not crease easily and is easy to break in than leather.

Birkenstock Leather Comparison

SuedeBirkenstock suede is made from the flesh part of animal skin after the split. It is sand-buffed to give it its texture. The suede has a velour touch and is comfortable out of the box. The suede is also durable and offers optimum moisture absorption features.
Full grain leatherFull-grain leather is made from the toughest part of animal skin. It is natural. Most are tumbled, while others are smooth to ensure fantastic comfort and an exceptionally gorgeous look. Full-grain leather is breathable and conforms to the shape of your feet. The durability is unquestionable, and it also offers insulation.
Oiled leatherOiled leather is one of the people’s favorites because of the way it shines and its durability. The oiled leather is equipped with wax and oil, making it look more beautiful. The leather creates a magnific aging effect. Oiled leather is also easier to maintain and does not get soaked easily.
Nubuck leatherNubuck leather is made from full-grain leather by gently buffing the top grain. This leather is beautiful and always shoes its luxury touch. Its velvety touch makes it evolves into a patina look. It means Nubuck gets better as it ages, just like full-grain leather.
Birkenstock Leather Vs. Suede


Which BIRKENSTOCK Material Is Best?

The best Birkenstock material is leather. Birkenstock leather shoes are made from thick, unsplit leather. This type of leather is derived from the toughest part of animal skin, and it lasts for many years. So, if you are looking for the best Birkenstock material, you can go for full-grain leather, oiled leather, and Nubuck

Do Suede Birkenstocks Get Dirty Easily?

Yes, Birkenstock suede gets dirty easily, especially when it has some water splashes or is soaked. If your Birkenstock suede has some splashes of water or is soaked, let it dry before you clean it. When it is dry, you can clean it with a suede brush. The brush should remove dirt or grime from your suede, but if the stain persists, you have to take more measures to clean the stains.

Which Style Of BIRKENSTOCK Is The Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable Birkenstock is the Boston clog. This sandal offers the highest level of comfort. With Boston clogs, you will not have cramped toes, and your pressure points will never be uncomfortable. Its signature latex footbed and cork sole make it the most comfortable Birkenstock ever. In fact, Birkenstock also confirmed that Boston clogs are the most comfortable Birks.

Can BIRKENSTOCK Suede Get Wet?

Yes, Birkenstock suede gets wet. The worst thing about getting your Birkenstock suede wet is that suede does not like water. If your suede is wet, the best thing is to take it off and allow it to dry before you clean it.

When the suede is wet and gets dirty, it gets stained easily, so always try to avoid getting your Birkenstock suede wet. It is best to always avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and water if you want your Birkenstock suede to last longer.

Which Birkenstock Style Is Most Popular?

Arizona is the most popular Birkenstock style ever. This sandal is equipped with a Birkenstock signature cork footbed, and it comes with a dual strap design. The sandal buckle makes it easy to adjust to fit you properly. The footbed is made of four layers, including EVA foam sitting between the cork underneath and the top layer of suede.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Yes, podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks. Birkenstock sandals offer arch support because of the way they are designed. If you have feet issues, you can wear Birkenstock shoes to get relief. People with arch problems will love the support provided by Birkenstock shoes.

Why Do Birks Turn Black?

Birks can turn black for many reasons. The first reason is that Birks are made from natural materials such as cork and leather, which can be discolored in the long run. Also, bacteria and sweat can cause Birkenstock shoes to become discolored.

How Long Will Birkenstocks Last?

How last your Birkenstock shoes are dependent on how often you use them. If you want your Birkenstock shoes to last for many years, then you will not be using them every day. If you use your Birkenstock every day, you can expect them to last for about two or more years, depending on how you take care of them.

All shoes can last more if you take care of them. For instance, do not let them get wet always. And make sure they are always dry if there is moisture in them before you can wear them. Cleaning your Birks regularly will also help the shoe to last for many years.


When it comes to Birkenstock vs. suede, the comparison will always continue. While some people prefer leather Birks for their durability and gorgeous look, others prefer suede Birks because they are comfortable to wear out of the box.

Birkenstock leather will always be more durable and expensive than suede because it is made from the best part of animal skin. You have to break into the leather material to make it conform to your feet and become comfortable, but you can wear suede out of the box. The choice is yours!

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