Are Nike Air Maxes Good For Walking?


Yes, Nike Air Maxes are suitable for walking, but not for long walks. Since all Nike Air Maxes are well-cushioned, they are perfect for short walking and strolls on rough terrains because they will support your feet.

Walking is one of the most common physical activities in the United States. Many factors go into a great walking experience, but the shoe is one of the most important. Unfortunately, finding the perfect walking shoe can be difficult because of differences in feet.

If you want to know how each of the Nike Air Max shoes fairs regarding a short, medium, and long walk, read this blog to the end to get familiar with the right Air Max shoe for each activity.

Are Nike Air Maxes Good For Walking

Are Air Maxes Good For Hiking?

Nike Air Maxes are an excellent choice for short hikes because they have a cushioned sole which provides added comfort and protection from the ground. The cushioning also helps absorb shock, reducing joint pain over time.

There are many benefits to wearing Nike Air Maxes. One of the most popular reasons is that they are comfortable to wear. They have a wide range of styles and colors available, so you can find a pair that suits your needs and preferences.

But are Air Maxes suitable for walking long distances? Since there are many models of Nike Air Maxes, I think tackling each model based on features and usefulness for walking is essential. So, I will be tackling the following Nike Air Maxes today.

Are Nike Air Maxes Good For Walking

Best Nike Air Max For Walking

  1. Nike Air Max 720
  2. Nike Air Max 270 React
  3. Nike Air Max 98
  4. Nike Air Max 2090
  5. Nike Air Max 97
  6. Nike Air Max 270
  7. Nike Air Max 90
  8. Nike Air Max 95

So, let us get to it!

1. Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air Max 720 is suitable for short and medium walks, but it is not the best for long walks because of its tall sole. Some people have also complained about the air bubble on the heel, which can burst and cause the heel to deflate.

While the Nike Air Max 720 features the tallest Air unit in the range, it is not the best shoe for walking. The shoe offers greater comfort and bounce because of its air unit, but it is made for lifestyle.

Additionally, the shoe has a central foam core that provides stability and comfort. Its upper is padded with mesh which makes it breathable. This shoe is also true in size and its overall look makes it a beautiful shoe to behold.

However, the women’s Air Max 720c is different. It is perfect for walking. Even though the shoe can be heavier than most walking shoes around, you can enjoy your time walking in it.

2. Nike Air Max 270 React

Nike Air Max 270 React performs excellently for lifestyle and the gym but is not recommended for walking. You can use the shoe for short-distance or medium walking and running, but do not use it for long-distance walking and running.

Though the shoe’s midsole is React, which is found in most Nike walking and running shoes, the React in Nike Air Max 270 React is designed for lifestyle as you will not feel the React cushioning as you would feel it in the running or walking shoe.

Yes, the shoe is breathable and looks great, but walking a long distance in the shoe is not recommended. However, if you are off to the gym, you can use your Nike Air Max 270 React because the shoe is suitable for standing all day.

If you also work where you stand all day, this shoe can be a great companion because you will be comfortable wearing it and standing all day.


3. Nike Air Max 98

Nike Air Max 98 is designed for fashion and walking but has to be broken in before you can use it for walking. The shoe is highly comfortable, breathable, and flexible. The shoe is crafted with prominent cushioning in the heel and has a midsole that offers stability.

The shoe may not be perfect for running, but you can walk in the shoe as it is nicely cushioned and prevents your toes from wobbling. The shoe heel counter is also well made in order to avoid your heel from unwanted slippage.

Another good thing is that the upper of this shoe is sturdy and constructed to reduce the risk of losing balance and twisting your ankle. The outsole is also equipped with fantastic traction needed on slippery and wet terrains.

Nike Air Max 98 is not built for those needing additional support, but the good thing about the shoe is that you can change its removable insole to your customized orthotic insole.

The problem with this shoe is that you need to break into it to make it more comfortable. It is not the type of out-of-the-box shoes you can buy and wear straight out of the box.

So, if you take time to break in the shoe first, you can walk in it comfortably. If you want to wear it out of the box for walking, you should only use it for short or medium walks if you do not plan to get blisters.


4. Nike Air Max 2090

For short walks, yes. For long walks, no. Nike Air Max 2090 is a well-known shoe for durability, but it is heavy and not completely good for walking. If you want to walk, you need lightweight shoes.

These shoes are heavy and not cushioned enough for a comfortable long walk. The shoe does not provide good stability and can make you feel uncomfortable in the long run because of its massively stacked back.

The shoe heel counter is also a bit hard and can create problems when you walk a long distance in the shoe. The shoe also comes with a semi-translucent grey outsole, which offers fantastic traction.

Overall, this shoe is suitable for light walks. Since it is a little heavy, you may become uncomfortable in it if you walk in it for long miles.

5. Nike Air Max 97

Though Air Max 97 is not suitable for walking, it is still a good and gorgeous shoe. Its look has compensated for its stiff upper and rigid sole. Another reason you should not walk in it is that its outsole can be slippery as it has a poor traction and grip feature.

When it comes to comfort, Nike Air Max 97 is not the go-to shoe. This shoe is known for being uncomfortable because the sole feels just like concrete under your feet. So, is Nike Air Max 97 good for walking? The answer is a resounding NO.

The shoes are incredibly stiff and the sole is very hard. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for walking, Nike Air Max 97 is not the best for you because it is the most uncomfortable Air Max shoe.

6. Nike Air Max 270

Nike Air Max 270 is an excellent shoe from Nike and can be used for light walks only. If you plan to walk long distances wearing these shoes, you may become tired and uncomfortable in the long run.

If you want to go to the gym or wear this shoe for other purposes than running and walking, you will love the shoe. You can stand in the shoe all day without feeling discomfort.

While the shoe can be good for other purposes, walking or running long distances in the shoe can be uncomfortable. You can do short or medium walks and running in the shoes but not those long-distance walking and running.

7. Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 is a perfect shoe for walking and running. The shoe is well-built and offers a lot of comforts when walking in it. The only setback with this shoe is that it is a bit heavy. So, consider this if you are walking long distances in the shoe.

Nonetheless, Air Max 90 sneakers will not disappoint you when walking in them. The good thing about this sneaker is that it provides you with comfort and excellent traction.

The sole is thick, helping you to keep your grip on any surface, whether wet, smooth,, or rough. The shoe’s platform is also sturdy as the outsole is made of rubber that is not prone to wear and tear.

The midsole of the Air Max 90 is also thick,, and since it is equipped with an Air sole, it offers a reliable shock absorbent feature.


8. Nike Air Max 95

If you own a Nike Air Max 95 shoe and you are planning to walk in it, you can go ahead and walk in the shoe. The shoe is excellently built for comfort, and it is also stylish.

If you can get the sizing of the Nike Air Max 95 right, you will love the comfort it provides when you walk in it. The shoe is true to size, and it is also highly durable. Though the sole is a bit chunky, you can walk in it.

Which Nike Shoes Are Good For Walking?

While most Nike shoes are designed for comfort and not for walking or running, some Nike shoes are still good for walking. Here are some Nike Shoes that are good for walking:

1. Nike Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit

This Nike Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit is a breathable shoe designed to be a comfortable and functional shoe. It is versatile, so you can walk in it and dress with it for different occasions.

This shoe is so good that it helps you whisk away moisture and make your feet fresh and dry because of its breathability. It is one of the best Nike shoes worn when walking.


2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Air Zoom Pegasus is a shoe designed to be lightweight, and you know that when it comes to walking long distances, you need to wear a shoe that will not only be comfortable but lightweight.

Its upper is crafted from breathable mesh that is not just comfortable but also durable. The toe box of the shoe also provides you with enough room for your toes to wiggle and be comfortable.

3. Nike Air Max 2017

Nike Air Max 2017 provides you with what you need to walk comfortably. From breathability to comfort and stability, this shoe will make you comfortable while walking. It is one of the Nike shoes you can wear when walking.


What Are Air Maxes Good For?

Air Maxes are mainly designed for lifestyle, comfort, and durability. These shoes are versatile and can be used for different purposes, including dress, gym, and work. They are made with excellent Air-cushioning that provides comfort and stability whenever you wear them. 

Are Nike Airs Good For Walking?

Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that you can wear Nike Airs for a mainly short walk and not a long-distance walk. Some of these shoes are heavy because of the Sir-cushioned feature, and when a shoe is heavy, you may get tired walking in it for long distances.

Are Nike Air Maxes good to exercise in?

They can be suitable for the gym because they offer stability and are heavy. They are comfortable when it comes to lifting and doing cardio. Nike Air Maxes can be your great companion if you want to spend some time in the gym.

Is Air Max Good For Feet?

Yes and no. Air Maxes are good and not suitable for your feet. While some podiatrists have tagged Air Maxes as poor shoes for your feet, these shoes are comfortable for walking around or standing. The air cushioning makes them easier to wear. The shoe’s design encourages heel striking and overstriding, which is one of the reasons podiatrists tagged it poor for the feet.

Is Air Max Good For Running?

No, Air Maxes are not suitable for running. These shoes are not lightweight, and the air cushioning can deflate at any time. They are heavy, which means you will get fatigued when running in them. However, you can do light running in them but not long-distance running.


So, Are Air Maxes suitable for walking? Yes and no. Air Maxes are suitable for short and medium-distance walking, but when it comes to long-distance walking, you do not want to wear them because they are heavy and can cause fatigue in the long run.

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