Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating?

Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating

AF1 sneakers are good for skating if you do not have real skating shoes. While AF1s are comfortable and easy to break in, they are bulky, a bit heavy, and less grippy. Air Force 1s might not be the best shoes for skating, but they will go just fine if you have no alternative.

Is AF1 suitable for skating? Skateboarding is a fun activity that people of all ages enjoy. It is an excellent way for children and adults to stay in shape and have fun. As a skater, you may want to know whether your skate shoes are suitable for skating. 

If you want to skate in AF1 shoes, you need to read this blog post to know more about how good it can be. In this article, I will highlight the pros and cons of skating in the Air Force. Is it suitable for beginners? You will get answers to all your questions in this blog post.

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Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating

Is Af1 Good for Skating?

Air Force One shoes are excellent shoes that you can wear for different purposes because they are fun to wear and comfortable. If you want to know whether AF1 is suitable for skating, the answer is yes, if you want to have some fun skating.

I have read so many comments about AF1, so I tried to skate in them and found that they are not as bad as some people said. If AF1 is the only option you have to slide, why not use it? They are comfortable and even protect the ankles.

Skate shoes are the perfect balance of comfort and performance. They are built with a rigid, lightweight, and flexible upper to provide comfort; a cushioned insole; and a soft, durable outsole.

So, whether you are a newbie, an experienced roller skater, or a pro, you need the right shoes to skate without getting injured.

While you can skate in Air Force One, you should be careful when skating in them. Also, if you hate seeing your shoes crease, do not skate in Air Force 1. After sliding into these shoes, you will find some creases on the shoe, and there could also be some scuffs.

Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating

Are Air Force One Skate Shoes?

The Air Force 1 is not a skate shoe. It can be a makeshift shoe for skating, but not the correct type of shoe for skating.

The Air Force 1 is a type of shoe that was initially designed for basketball. They are not explicitly built for skating and are not skater shoes. A different type of shoe has the sole purpose of being used to skate.

A skate shoe should have a little bit of everything. The boots should be comfortable, offer heel support, soles with excellent absorption, laces out of grip range, and toe caps. Skate shoes should also be lighter, offer a board feel and be easy to break in.

While AF1 offers a few qualities you should expect in a skate shoe, the shoes are not made for skateboarding. Though AF1s are easy to break in, comfortable, and feel good, they are bulky and wear out quickly.

The Pros and Cons of Skating in AF1

comfortableBulky and heavy,
Easy to break in.Scuff easily.
It feels good when you land because of the excellent cushioning.Wear out quickly.
Ankle protectionless grippy
You will not feel the board.
Not recommended for beginners.

With AF1, you will not feel the board. As a beginner in skating, it is not advisable to use Air Force 1s because if you do, you may get injured. One good thing about AF1 is the ankle protection. If you get the high-top version, it will provide you with optimal ankle protection.

Overall, it is essential to be on the safer side of skating. If you want to skate, get a skating shoe that is light, grippy, and easy to break in. Many affordable shoes can be used for skating out there. With good skating shoes, you can do any kind of trick you want.

Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating

Can I skate in any shoes?

You can skate in regular walking or running shoes. But not all shoes are made for skateboarding. If you are not planning to skate for more than a couple of days in regular shoes, you can skate in regular shoes.

However, it is not recommended to skate in running shoes or just any shoes that are not made for skating because such shoes can get ripped quickly and may get you injured in the process of skating. So, it is important to get the right shoes for skating if you plan to enjoy your time on the board.

What Shoes Are Best to Skate With?

There are many skate shoes out there, and you can easily choose the best based on your budget. Most of the shoes cost less than $100, so if you are passionate about skating, you can get one of the following skating shoes:

Are Air Force 1s Good for Skating

1. Vans Half Cab Pro

When it comes to choosing the right skate shoes, the Vans Half Cab Pro is at the top of the list. This shoe is an iconic skating shoe that everyone wants to own. The shoes have been a staple for decades, and people are still loving them.

With the right grip on the board and optimal board feel, these shoes are amazing. When you are skating in these shoes, they offer you maximum comfort. The toe cap ensures that your feet are comfortable while trying out those tricks.

The shoes come in different colors and are an upgrade to the classic Half Cab from Vans. This shoe is worth every penny you pay for it because it features everything that you need in a skate shoe. 

While the quality of the shoe may have dropped a little, you will not be disappointed because it is still a good skating shoe at around $70.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro 2 

While you may be tempted to skate in the Nike Air Force ones, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro is the real deal when it comes to skating. The joy of skating is being able to perform some tricks that will make you and the onlookers smile.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro is easily one of the best and most stylish skate shoes you can ever own. It has a classic athletic rubber sole that provides you with the excellent grip you need on a skateboard. This shoe has a cult following because it is comfortable and stylish.

The shoe comes with a nicely padded tongue and a toe cap that allows you to perform your tricks effortlessly. The only issue with this shoe is that it can rip apart easily, costs about $90, and is only available in a few shops; you can also get it online at varying prices.

However, the shoes are still worth the money.

3. Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro

Available in many colors, the Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro is a shoe designed for skating. The shoe ticks all the boxes, including the price point, durability, style and comfort. The shoe comes in at $70 but ticks all the boxes for a good skate shoe.

The shoe is well stitched, durable and can be used to skate anywhere, whether on the street or in skateparks. If you are after style, comfort, and performance, this shoe offers you everything at an inexpensive rate.

The only issue with these shoes is their sizing. Some people complained that the heel is tight but it is just a few people. So, you have nothing to worry about.

4. Nike SB Zoom Bruin

When it comes to comfortability and durability, not many shoes can offer them. The Nike SB Zoom Bruin is a skate shoe that combines performance and durability to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable time on skateboards.

If you skate and you are looking for the right skating shoe, you may want to check this shoe out. It is stylish and double-stitched. You can perform those tricks effortlessly in these shoes. From kickflips to ollies, you will never regret getting these shoes.

Not only is the Nike SB Zoom Bruin perfect for skating, but it is also designed to be casual and can be worn for other activities like dressing casually with it.

5. Nike SB Shane

If you are a skater that loves it tough and rough, the Nike SB Shane is your perfect companion. This shoe is designed for skating as it can take everything you throw at it. Name your trick, and this shoe is ready to help you try out all kinds of tricks that you would not dare perform in some other skating shoes.

The shoe comes with an extended rubber toe bumper alongside a higher foxing ape that makes it easy to skate in the shoe without the shoe getting scuffed. The good thing about the shoe is that you can skate all day and your shoe will remain clean without marks.

The only issue is that it may not be as lightweight as some other skating shoes but it is by far lighter than Air Force 1s. So, you can perform your kickflips easily without messing up your shoes.

6. Adidas Campus ADV

Adidas is known for crafting some of the most iconic sports shoes and Adidas Campus ADV is not an exception. When the original Adidas Campus was first released in the 80s, it quickly gained a lot of following.

Now, the shoe has been revamped as the Adidas Campus ADV. This new design brings you more comfort, durability, and performance on a skateboard. If you enjoy performing different tricks on the skateboard, this shoe is your perfect companion.

The shoe comes with a no-slip tongue, better cushioning, reinforced high-impact performance, and a snug fit. When you land, the cushioning will make your feet comfortable, and you can put your mind at ease that your heels are protected.

The only issue with Adidas Campus ADV is that it is available in only cloud white and core black colors. It means you have less customization with the shoe but its suede look has covered for that. It costs around $80 and it is worth the money.

Is Air Force 1 Good For Sports?

Yes, Air Force 1 is good for sports. It is one of the best shoes for working out. If you work out and looking for a good shoe with comfort and cushioning, you can count on AF1. The shoe is rugged and sturdy and can take some tough work.
What Sport Are Air Force Ones For?
Air Force
Ones are designed for basketball. When these shoes were first designed in the 80s, they were mainly designed for basketball. The shoe comes in high-top, mid and low styles, The shoe is also equipped with Nike Air technology that provides you with comfort and stability.

Do Air Force One’s Count as Tennis Shoes?

Yes, Air Force One is good for tennis. While these shoes are perfect with jeans and other outfits, you can wear them on the tennis court. If you are ready to get more comfortable on the tennis court, you can try Air Force ones.

Is AF1 Waterproof?

No, AF1 is not waterproof except for the Gore-Tex version of Air Force one. If you are planning to wear your AF1 often during the rainy season, you may want to reconsider the version to buy. Only the GORE-TEX version of Air Force 1 is waterproof but other versions are not waterproof and will get soaked easily.

Do Shoes Matter When Skating?

Yes, shoes matter when skating. The type of shoe you wear when skating determines the amount of fun you will have and the number of tricks you can perform effortlessly. If your shoe is not designed for skating, then you will not feel the board and will not be comfortable performing tricks.

Should Skate Shoes Be Tight Or Loose?

 Skate shoes should fit snugly or tight but not too tight. For youth, you should be able to place a finger between the heel of your skate shoes and your heel but adults do not need that space as your shoes will mold to your feet as you break into them.


Skating shoes are comfortable shoes that can make it easy for you to perform different kinds of tricks. But are AF1 good for skating? The answer is yes and no. If you are looking for a makeshift shoe for skating and you do not mind if the shoe gets torn apart, you can use your Air Force 1.

The Air Force One is comfortable and easy to land on when skating, but the cons of skating in this shoe are more than the pros. As a professional, you can skate in them, but as a beginner, you do not want to use them because they will scuff and tear easily, and they are bulky and lack the grip needed for skating.

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